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Empty Mind, No Mind, whatever you want to call it, is an awesome idea/practice. So very very awesome. What it has to do with interior decorating, no one knows.Because there is nothing to be known....

Most Western ideas about feng shui are utterly wrong and generally based on a variety of weird concepts pulled from European folklore and New Age marketing — which are in turn marketed as "contemporary and practical" feng shui.

Despite all of the books rushing into print claiming "Feng Shui this" and "Feng Shui that," the theoretical depth and full potential of the authentic material remain virtually unknown to the public.

Real feng shui does not exist to arrange the environment for our personal gain — that is what got us into our environmental mess! Feng shui exists to fit us within the environment. By doing that feng shui keeps us safe and healthy. That is why feng shui can be used to combat global warming and environmental disaster.

The theories are labeled "Mutationist" for good reason.

According to the Feng Shui Anthology, Lin Yun took the Taiji (the Primordial, Great Unity or "Yin Yang symbol," as everyone calls it) and set it spinning in its opposite direction. The Taiji and its corresponding systems move clockwise. A left-spinning Taiji — that is, one spinning counterclockwise — correlates with global culture's views of aberrant behavior, misfortune, and necromancy.

All those occultists ... who are brimming with claims about the strange and the marvelous ... those occultists cheat people and delude the masses. They hold in their grasp the black arts and in their embrace all manner of false and faked means. ... if one listens to what they say, it fills the ears to overflowing. But one should seek to take hold of what might actually be found, in the end one will have gained nothing, for it is an evasive thing, akin to binding the wind or clutching a shadow.

— Gao Yong, an esoteric master (Fang Shi) and advisor to Emperor Zheng (33 to 7 BCE)

For Black Sect Buddhists and other New Age types, their Bagua (or Ba Gua, Ba Qua, Pa Kua) is a so-called "mystical octagon of symbolic correlations," This cafeteria-style approach to borrowed ideas was whipped into a lovely froth from Western cultural icons and concepts.

The new bagua supposedly represents "eight fundamental life conditions" that correlate to "a different aspect of ourselves."

Yet it was created within the last thirty years and marketed entirely to New Agers ignorant of Asian culture.

According to Ho Lynn's article in the execrable Feng Shui Anthology (published and edited by Jami Lin), this new Bagua was created by self-proclaimed "wandering impostor" Thomas Lin Yun, founder and spiritual leader of an American church called Black Sect Tibetan Buddhism. The new bagua is marketed as a "revolutionary" and "innovative" step in Chinese philosophy. In fact, it is so "revolutionary" that Asians laugh it off.

As one Korean-American practitioner of martial and healing arts said,

This is the sort of thing that Asians would use to make money off non-Asians :)

There are a lot of morons in the world

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100 Bullshit jobs

What, Bing inquires, do a feng shui consultant, new media executive, wine steward, department store greeter, and Vice President of the United States have in common? What, too, are the actual duties performed by a McKinsey consultant? Other than sitting around making people nervous? Could that possibly be his core function? Likewise, what does an aromatherapist actually do, per se? Sniff things and rub them on people, for big fragrant bucks?
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Comment by Michael Forbus on July 21, 2009 at 7:09am
What a fantastic lot of great thinking and writing. The depth of thinking about the purpose of Feng Shui and the reason Westerners use it is for decorative and the option of appearing very forward thinking although the practice is ancient. I only see the macrocosm of Feng Shui in a garden and we are walking, the Buddhist Meditative walk as they do in the Plum Village, and the reason that one zigs and zags is that is how the rock formations and the ponds and the plant community are placed so very carefully and thoughtful and full of a desire when you must follow as the invisible path of Feng Shui makes you turn slightly, there lies the Buddha laughing. So Feng Shui to me is so necessary, for the one that takes life deeper like a clear cenote. I loved the blog (a work I don't care for, it is like calling a feast supper) so perhaps we need to think of another term for what we do when we write. Perhaps we are just scribes and are writing what is given to us. The main thing is when Feng Shui is used properly by a master, it changes the outcome of the place it was placed in. Great writing and marvelous thinking. It is really stellar. Namaste, Miguel




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