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How science changes the perspective of artists

An artist who deals with cloud - photography says that she is fascinated by nature and clouds and that "You can't make this stuff up." You can read her statement here:
"Can't you, really?" is what my mind from the field of science asks. Because I knew science is not only helping artists to create clouds ( ), but also to produce rainbows! ( ) "Nothing is impossible" is how a scientist thinks and goes about doing the impossible.

An artist can make both Photorealistic pictures and copy the nature exactly as it is and also make different patterns that resemble nature with ease on his canvas ( I have tried this myself) and also in the atmosphere (installations) with the help of science. If you can scientifically study the mechanisms behind various patterns and why only a certain pattern is formed and not any other, and using technology you can also make these things up! I have seen artists digitally making these things up! They are as good as the natural ones! So I want to stress you can both make these things and make these things up using science and technology!

If you have "learned more about how forms in nature come to be as they are in the scientific way", you can always reproduce them and make things up too.

Like Mr. Kemp, art professor at Oxford and author of the book  Seen/Unseen  said, "The answer to the basic question is that the knowledge used by the artists with respect to science ranges from shallow opportunism to deep penetration. It might seem obvious that the former would result in poor art and the latter in something of real value" is hundred percent true. If Artists merely enter the world of science to have some fun, you can never understand the magic of science and what science can really achieve and you refuse to believe it can really make things up too. This is not very good for collaborative projects.
Some artists who have realized this are creating amazing works by really embracing science with all their hearts.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do - Walter Bagehat
And science gives you that pleasure!

One artist when asked why she was into science said, "Because it is magic".
Yes, magic that is real. A magic that can create whatever you want. A magic that can change your perspective and makes you see the world in a different light altogether.
Artists, come to the world of science and feel the difference!

These discussions and collaborations  'incite' you as well as give you 'insight' according to artists! Because people from the field of science end up challenging the views of artists and showing things in a new light and with proof and they always have the opportunity to say the last words!

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