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Now landscape photography and art are becoming Geo-art and Nature - inspired art Bio-art!!

Earlier, we used to listen to words like landscape photography and wild life photography. Now with the popularization of science-art, the words have changed to Geo-art and Eco-art! Yes, everybody is claiming that they are into science-art!
You can see  examples here:

And another one here:

And landscape art is becoming environmental art!

Nature inspires student’s artwork

Stephanie Sabin has been honing her artistic skills in the midst of her biology studies at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. This month, she will show off the fruits of her labor at two art shows in St. Louis.

Sabin’s art draws heavily from her work as a seasonal wildlife biologist.

“Most of my research has been with birds, so I draw a lot of my inspiration from birds,” said Sabin, who is pursuing a master’s degree in biology at UMSL. “I also enjoy sharing the incredible landscape scenery I’ve seen across the country.

Another one: ( Somebody paints birds and calls it the art of Ornithology!)


Do we need more proof to say that science is changing the face of art?!

And people are seeing horticulture in a new light:

American Society of Botanical Artists Launches Annual Exhibition at The Hortcultural Society of New York

Moreover, paintings of animals and birds are becoming bio-diversity art. Example:

Will just changing the names make the works science-art?! Point to ponder.

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