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I believe it is natural human inclination to generate an occasion to rejoice. After a tired day of work, we want to hang out with our loved ones and relax ourselves and to be away from every day’s hectic schedule. If we are having our depression, we need our family and friends to support us and that turns out to be a family get together. If we have learnt to celebrate during our sad times, then let us not even try considering our happy time celebrations. Let it be a slog in salary, the birthday of a family member or any sacred festival, we always need and find various reasons to celebrate. Festivals and events have flourished in recent decades and interest in understanding their significance in the tourism academy has risen accordingly.


 Andaman and Nicobar island Festival -2012-13 is scheduled to start from 5th January, 2013 to 15th January, 2013.The Island Tourism Festival is organized every year in the month of December or January. Port Blair is its prime location of this fiesta. A fortnight long festival, the Island Tourism Festival aims to promote tourism and highlight the developmental aspects of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It also makes an effort to project the islands as an eco-friendly day tripper destination. The main attraction of this event is its cultural programs, an exhibition, numerous competitions, etc.


It is 10 days long carnival that includes dance, music and drama that is acts as mode refreshment to the visitors. Fairs, exhibition of crafts and arts, flora and fauna and marine life, are fragment of the event. Aqua sports such as Nicobari Hodi race, kayaking and parasailing are major and most sight gainer activity among all the competitions. Magic shows, Puppet shows, Dog show, Baby show, Canoe Race, Floating restaurant, Scuba Diving etc. make the festival more enjoyable. Well-known entertainers from India and overseas also perform during this festival. The festival invites private tycoons and government agencies from the islands and the plains of India.

            Andaman and Nicobar Islands have an exclusive culture, where all religions, languages, racial groups live in total peace and coordination and hence it is precisely called Mini India. Port Blair has a broad-based character where people of all walks of life live together in peace and calmness. All major festivals are celebrated with equal zeal and enthusiasm and are joined by all sacred groups.


             Many people are still confused about How to reach Andaman let me guide you with it; there are two routes for being there – Air ways and water ways. Port Blair is the Andaman’s chief gateway which is well associated by air & sea whereas regular passenger ship services are available to this region from the India’s major cities Vishakapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai. As per to my experience the best way to get there is to take flight from New Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai.


            So be prepared to land up at the middle of sea in Jan where you will experience something new and different kind of enjoyment to make you more enthusiastic.

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