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The essence of dwellers comes alive in this Festive atmosphere of Kutch Rann Utsav. It is a festive land of art, music, crafts, dance and nature. People gather here during this occasion, this fiesta has already been started from 15th Dec. and will be continued till 31st January 2013, with a zeal and amusement because they have come out of fear that was rumoured as doomsday.


An embarrassment of different varieties, wealth of design, luxury of culture, large amount of music and dance, all together in the dry lands of Kutch creates a medley of beauty which reflects the uniqueness and spirit of the region. It is one of the most naturally and culturally diverse district of the state. It is the habitat of the threatened and interesting wildlife species like the Indian wild ass. After 21/12/12 people have taken a shy of relief and are back to the mood of enjoyment and are ready to welcome the year 2013 with great enthusiasm.


This festival provides an opportunity to explore the generosity, warmth and assortment of culture and communities in Gujarat. Kutch festival is like a mirror to the traditional art forms and spirit of India.  In the course of the full moon night of the winters comes the awe-inspiring and complementary landscape celebrates each year a three day festive. There is a perfect blend of enthusiasm, hospitality and spirit of celebration that glorifies the generous feeling of this Utsav. The three days fair has the basic motive of highlighting the cultural splendour of Gujarat which gives the platform to explore their abilities regarding Cultural Dances, Music, Carnival processions, Art and Craft.


This fiesta is organized by the Gujarat Tourism Department in order to celebrate the diversity and exclusivity of the Kutch district. This annually planned fiesta offers an opportunity for tourists to attend Folk Dance and Music, Camel ride, Live-in -Tents, Visit to the Centuries, to watch the work of artisans, historical monuments, they get a chance to shop directly from NGO’s and many more. This sandy and dry place seems to be very colourful, exotic and full of life during these days every year in the month of December. The celebratory festival originates in the Bhuj city and goes around the district with a grand finale again being held at the initial destination. The carnival is visited and relished by more than 8000 tourists from all over the world. This is one time when inhabitants of the region and travellers along with Government administrative officers all together celebrate the mystical magic of Kutch and its diversity.


This event in Kutch is to showcase the rich culture of this district which is one of the largest desert areas in India. This Mahotsava under the sponsorship of Vibrant Gujarat has been a unique opportunity for the visitors arriving from all around the world to visit Kutch, one of the beautiful and best places to visit in Gujarat and experience the true flavour of the region. As it is held near the beach or the banks of a lake swings one with the spirit of festivity, cherishes, and gives an Indian touch and feel. This occasion should be attended at least once in a life-time. 

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