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When I went on tour to Delhi, I visited the most famous and historical shrine India Gate. It was built in the year 1931 and was originally used as the All India War Monument. It is an exceptional object of the city that honours the 90,000 soldiers who lost their lives in World War I as well as in Third Anglo-Afghan War. Those 90,000 militias fought for India Kingdom, or in other words the British Raj. This monument has also gained fame as a place where quite rare national events take place. Not only nationwide holidays, but also multicultural shows are seen by the lawns. Amar Jawan Jyoti is lighting under the gate since 1971.


Nowadays, there is a tradition that the Prime Minister and the President as well as other chief boarders of the country visit the spot as a symbol of homage. On Republic Day one can see how the Prime Minister with the heads of Armed Forces gives respect to India’s martyrs.


In the night, when I actually first saw the tombstone, many spotlights are set around the place. I could also view how the fountains are stricken with bright lights. There are well-tended grasses around the gate; they are often used as a picnic ground as well. In fact, many people like walking around on summer evenings. I could see people taking ferry rides in the dew pond nearby. Moreover, there are many hawkers selling balloons, toys as well as ice cream and other street foods. Generally, the atmosphere is fair-like. I would say that visiting the India Gate is a must for anyone who has come to the city of New Delhi to enjoy the atmosphere and do some sightseeing. Here you can also taste fast foods like daal ka pakodas, chana jor garam, fruit chaat, very famous bhelpuri, gol gappa and many more chaat items around there.


Delhi is indeed a beautiful city but it is very unsafe place for women too. 


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