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Animals - our soul buddies and true associates, who cannot communicate but has the inclination to feel and express. A person of any age group has the affection with the animals mostly with the pet animals such as cats and dogs. It is put right by the specialists that they wash away the loneliness and is considered as a good friend. The senior adults have more affection towards the companions as they play a keen role in their life. It is also proven by the doctors that pets provide good health to the human being and an aged person can recover faster with the company of dogs rather than admitted to a hospital. In spite of having a great importance of pet animals or animals in our life they are abused like anything.


            Innocent animals are being killed every new day for some or the other reason. In order to avoid and to take the safety measures to prohibit the animal abuse, Ingrid Newkirk an International president has led an American animal rights organization named as “PETA” based in Norfolk, Virginia. The term PETA means a group of “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, this organization is a non- profit corporation with more than 300 employees, and two million supporters and members working for this association all around the world. It is the world’s largest animal rights group aimed to protect the animals. They follow slogan “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment”.


This association was founded in March 1980 and grabbed the public attention one year later, when followers of PETA raised their voice against Silver Spring Monkeys case, which was widely publicized argument about the experiments conducted on seventeen macaque monkeys (a constitute of genus of Old World Monkeys) inside the institute of Behavioural Research in Silver Spring, Marigold. Subsequently then, in its campaigns and undercover investigations, it has focused on four major issues such as fur farming, animal testing, animals in entertainment and factory farming it also held the campaigns against the killing of animals regarded as pests, cock fighting, fishing, bullfighting and dog fighting. Animal right is not only a philosophy; it is a social effort that challenges society’s traditional view that all non-human animals exist merely for human use.


Zeenat Aman, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Hema Malini, choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar and his wife who is a supermodel, Jesse Randhawa, R Madhavan  and many more have given their high-profile support to this organization. R Madhavan, Indian actor of Hindi and Tamil movies is a great supporter of PETA association. They bind together and exposed the cruelty of Meat, Egg and Dairy Industry. PETA offers the reward of Rs.10, 000 for the people who help nabbing the killers of Dozens of Dogs, they also offers free dissection software to schools that stop cutting up the animals.


According to me it is every individual’s obligation to contribute a bit and criticize against the killing of animals and their abuse they are indeed a good companion of us.

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