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My interview in the October issue of Interalia Magazine
An online magazine dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness.

“Anything I do should be able to facilitate real progress of the human kind…That is why I consider following science and communicating it as the top most priorities in my life”. Artist, poet, scientist and writer, Krishna Kumari Challa, communicates science through art and literature. In this exclusive interview she discusses her art and work.

But it is behind a pay wall.

You can read a part of it here:

Full interview:

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on October 28, 2015 at 5:22am

Thank you so much, Steven, for your wonderful comments on my work.

Just visited your site. We need a good planet to live. You are doing your bit and a good job. Keep it up.

All the best!


Comment by Steven Faivus on October 28, 2015 at 1:36am

Hi Krishna

Your interview and work is beautiful and inspiring! This is really what the world needs now. I resonate with so much of what you say. Here are a few words of your I highlighted:

"Communicating Science through Art
to bring together various fields I work in to effectively communicate science as well as to generate harmonious relationships between them

splendours of nature that are wonderful

Exhibiting all variations your breath could hold!

As the main purpose of creating my art is science communication, it is science that forms the basic themes

It is like a tight rope walk over a deep valley."

Perhaps we could skype sometime? I would love to talk to you. A lot of what started this science arts journey for me was a non-linear experience I had in India in 1982 which lead to me returning to California to study physics, arts, and then teach high school. I have added a lot to my Climate Change Science Arts website. Maybe check it out at: 

The time is now. Thank you for your inspiring work!!!!

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