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A Science communication work need not just be science illustration.

Recently one artist complained to me. He said:  Scientists sometimes object to the extrapolation and consequential misrepresentation of scientific concepts in the arts. As an artist making works about quantum physics, my motive is to bring concepts to a wider audience - but not by being didactic - by opening up new ways of seeing reality that will challenge beliefs about conventional reality. Initially my compulsion was to be explanatory of the concepts I was making art about but this methodology compromised artistic integrity & expression. A work of art about science should still inspire some sort of wonder rather than just being illustrative. I'm fine with my audience being left with unanswered questions as long as it may have provoked a journey of inquiry.

My reply to him:

I think this is a misconception. A Science communication work need not be just science illustration. It can be a real art work too! Art can show things differently while communicating the message exactly. Artists can experiment with the message conveyers, pictures, environments in which the message  is being conveyed while conveying the theme without changing the science part of it. I want to give my art works as examples here: Example one: "In search of a safe home". See the image of the work here:
Here conservation of almost extinct animals was the message but given in a different set up. The tiger itself is saying why it should be protected. And it chose a foot ball stadium to bring home the message. Here the science theme i.e., of conservation has been told without twisting it but the twist is in tiger going to the stadium where one of the most popular sports is being played to convey the message. People told me the message was shown in a new way and they liked it. That is what I call the real Art from Science.

Example two: "Choice is yours"

I have seen and heard people criticizing science for several of the bad things happening in the world. These people blame science for everything. In my art work I want to give the  message that science itself is not bad but the person dealing with it can make it good or bad. This one is also not a science illustration but still communicates the science theme.

One can see several of my works on my website which communicate science without being illustrative. These are not science-art or art of science or science in art works. These are real art works that deal with science communication.

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