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Somebody once asked me - what the future of art in general and science-art in particular would be like.

And my reply was : It would be like "Installations in space". I did an art work on this very theme too! The International space station was built part by part by the space scientists and techies. Likewise we can create art works in space that can be viewed from Earth. During my student days, we used to live on the outskirts of our city where we had very clear skies. During the nights I used to go to the terrace of our house and watch the sky and wonder about the stars and space. Then I used to observe star like satellites moving across the sky. I maintained a record of all those satellites and once sent it to a science magazine. The editors were very impressed by my observations of the satellites from our terrace with naked eyes and mentioned it in their magazine. Since then, I have this idea of 'building art forms like series of installations in space that resemble the satellites with various patterns and designs and can be viewed from Earth'. As long as the Earth stays in space, people can watch these art works and wonder about them. If somebody can fund it, I, myself, am prepared to do these art work projects in space. Anybody interested in space galleries?
Space will be the gallery and these installations will be done in space and can be seen from Earth like we can see satellites from Earth.
I know only bodies like NASA or Indian Space Research Organization can fund and provide technical assistance to these projects. And these need not be only art works. They can be used for other developmental works like communication, education, remote sensing etc. like people are doing now.


 You can see my work based on the theme 'INSTALLATIONS-IN-SPACE' here:

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