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Short review of 2009 and a few projects for 2010.


Time again to review my 2009 and to plan some projects for 2010.

The past year had been a little bit monotonous, so, to avoid to be boring, I decide to do not write it month by month, but by subjects.

Effectively, to start with my "main" activity, I am afraid to have to write: "Plans for magazines: 9.30 to 22.30, 7/7, 12 months a year! Not really glamorous, indeed! To be fair, I contribute to fill 6 issues of "Batailles & Blindés", 6 issues of "TnT", 6 issues of "Aero-Journal", plus 3 special issues for each of those magazines... The total is well over a hundred of original pages, maybe two hundreds, but I stop to count after the first hundred to avoid to think that I am working in a fabric...

Well, it allow me to got a prize, the "Mick Bell Author's Prize 2009" of which I am really proud, Mick having been a very good friend and colleague.

About fine art, there is some good news:
-Two exhibitions in Taipei (Taiwan): "Explore" (X-Power Gallery, March.7-March.31, 2009) and "Revolution Art Fair" (July.17-July.21, 2009)
-Two awards in Italy: the "Leonard da Vinci Award 2009" and the "Martin Luther King Award 2009" "For promoting with their work, to the raising of the highest life ideal at international level"
-and the sale on Internet of a hundred of by-products via "b-uncut store" (hoping that they should have some success)

On the unlucky side, my too limited spare time only allow me to draw sketches (and for some to finalize drawings) for many of my projects:
-"Felementale Diamonds": a series of 5 diamonds and a matrix in the line of my "Felementales" with the female spirits of the stones, "Matrix" being a picture showing the incorporation of the spirit in the gem via a ray of light.
-"Coats of Arms" (Provisional title): an heraldic series, partly connected with one of my other projects ("Glyphin's"), for which I have "only" finish two pre-drawings: a "Unicorn" and a "Basilic".
-"Endless": 8 drawings: "Dolphins", "Eagles", "Dragons", "Wild Boars", "Dogs", "Wolves" and "Sea Snakes", connected with "Glyphin's", "Excalibur", and "Yggdrasil", adapting Celtic knots to my "Glyphin's" projects.
-"Yggdrasil": The "Tree-World", shown as a mix of Celtic/Scandinavian knots for which I am planning many variants, in the style of my "Glyphin's".
-and "Excalibur": in 12 pictures of 3 series of 4, of which, until now, are drawn the "Graal", "Excalibur", "Camelot" and the "Table". It still "only" to draw "Arthur", "Guenievre", "Lancelot", "Uther", "Merlin", "Morgan", "Mordred" and the "Green Man", all mixing the Celtic knots and the "Glyphin's" project.
-At the same time, I am working on a runic alphabet, "Dra'Run" (for "Drachen", Dragon in German, "Runes" and "Dragons Run"). It is re-creating, for each of the 18 primitive runes, the form of them intertwining various Nordic, European and Asian dragons to describe the genesis of this alphabet. Those runs will be painted as three parallel series: a black one, on white background showing the runes under their pure forms; one on a black background, inspired by my "Felementales", and interlacing translucent dragons, and a more sophisticated one on a textured background, in a close to medieval illuminations or asian prints style.

Evidently, I still working at my other "major" projects, "Glyphin's" (landscape seen through silhouettes drawn from traditional tattoos or pattern from various cultures) and my "Black, White and...", stylized figurative artwork painted in black and white with a single dot of a third color, mainly animals.

A new project, "Flying Sails", showing sailing ships, fully sailed, flying in the air like giant butterflies, was added to it during the last months.

I do not know how many of those projects will be finished during 2010, but I strongly wish (and hope) to be able to finish some of them, in between of the "Tech Art" production.

So, it was a well filled year and there is plenty hope that the next one will be as well.

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on January 18, 2010 at 4:35am
Wish you a great creative year .

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