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I don't know if this is common or not, but there is an house that is regularly invading my dreams...

What I know is the way to go to this house, but not where it is... Aaaargh!. Well it is in a valley that is open to the west and with west-east crests. This is on the north oriented side and the road is going , through a pine trees forest from villages on the river side to a pass on the east... At the deepest of the woods, near to the crest, there is a small road, at right that looks to disappear between the trees. This is the lone way to reach a small clearing at the feet of a big rock. This rock is vertically broken in the middle,and there is an old stone house at the base of it showing only a ground floor, with a small door in dark wood, and two small windows on each side. At right, there is a small stable and a two door garage, all stone build.

When I open the door, I see, at left, a long dining and living room, with a low roof, a big fireplace, some big armchair and a long table with benches, at right, there is a kitchen with an ingenious sink sculpted in the rock (like the chimney), and water supplied by a source. There is two other doors: the one in the kitchen communicate with the stable and garage, the other in front of the main door is opening on a stairway sculpted in the crack of the rock.

In each side of the rock there is some doors opening to storage or bathrooms (with water from the same spring), then, at left at the top of the stairs, a tight pass going to a hatch at the top of the rock in a small natural bowl used as a view point. At right there is the main bedroom with a large sculpted balcony giving a view on.... but more about it later... Suspense!

The central door, at the end of this stair, is opening on a wood balcony with stairs on each side, in an old abandoned chapel. There is galleries on both sides, full of bookshelves and cabinets, on many levels, with platforms with comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas, and large tables and drawing and painting boards.... There is no windows on the left wall that is oriented to the north, but there is a large circular stained glass window with a nice panorama on the mountains on the front end wall, and many vertical tight windows of the same kind at right.

At right, too, there is a wood door opening on... a big greenhouse of the same size than the chapel and used as a winter garden. The heat is furnished by a warm spring source falling from the rock on the side, but below of the balcony of the bedroom. A big tree make his way though the greenhouse at the center of the garden, and birds use this way to get in and out... There is some place to seat and eat, close of the small pool at the base of the fall, and it looks like a mix of Japanese and wild garden.

About animals, there is many half-wild cats living in this house like in their own home, a couple of Irish wolfhounds protecting the place, and a pair of horses in the stable.

Well... All in it a house of dreams in a dreamed world, but if you know the way to reach it... please, tell me...

Anyway, I sometimes think to draw and paint many views of it as it looks so real in my mind... Maybe to do some book or exhibition if I would find a publisher or a gallery for such unusual subject...

Tell me what you feel about it! I'd love to read your comments.

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on September 28, 2009 at 10:56am
Go ahead & paint it. I wish you all success.



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