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I have stressed several times the importance of taking science-based art to public places (ref 1) to make common people understand science  in a better way  making them more interested in the subject and getting benefited by it. 

Now listen to this wonderful news: Magnified is an exhibit of 46 scientific images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times. The exhibit is on display at Washington Dulles International Airport's Gateway Gallery from June through November 2014 ( ref 2).

Magnified is a joint project among the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the American Society for Cell Biology  and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority's Arts Program, which utilizes the arts to enhance travel experiences at Dulles International and Reagan National Airports. ZEISS provided additional support of the exhibit.

Many of the images come from so-called model organisms like mice, fruit flies and zebra fish. These creatures have much in common with us, including a large proportion of their genes. Studying them speeds scientific progress to better understand human health and disease. Most of the colors in these images do not occur in nature. Rather, they are the result of chemical dyes or graphic design programs that allow scientists to study selected structures within a cell - a true combination of science and art.

This experience will help draw attention to scientific research taking place throughout the world.

You can see some of the beautiful images on line too by clicking on ref 2 link.




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