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What scientists and geeks do outside of their labs and work places

Scientists and engineers are coming out of their ivory towers and forts more and more and interacting with the world outside and enjoying it thoroughly. They are also pursuing their passions. Short videos depict some lesser known aspects of the lives of cutting-edge scientists, their hobbies, passions and pastimes outside of the lab are now on line.
The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers is an Emmy-nominated web series and site from PBS’s NOVA. This is where you can learn about cutting-edge science and engineering, the amazing people who do that work, and the things they do when their lab coats come off – win beauty pageants, wrestle professionally, become rock stars, go the art way painting pictures and become magicians, etc. Explore the lives of some gifted and inspiring people who are changing our world… and having a great time while they’re doing it.
Know more about the secret lives of scientists here:
and here:

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Art and science, music and medicine: Doctors and their instruments

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The Perfect Hobby For Scientists? We are living in a digital world, but there is something about film photography that appeals particularly to scientists.

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