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Creators love is within us and around us, above us and below us, seen and unseen.

It is the song within our hearts, our joy, laughter, and our tears. Our success and our failures

. Our kisses and caresses to another. Our words, spoken and unspoken.

It is our achievements, our hopes, dreams, fears, tears, and our broken hearts and wings that are heavy and unable to fly.

It is our trials that show us inner strength even when we consider ourselves weak. It is the inner voice that urges us on towards that extra mile proving yes we can.

Its the beautiful sunset and twinkling stars. Birds song, and the smell of spring, of new life and new beginnings, of blooms fragrance, of mists and fogs, and morning dew and thoughts of you.

A babies laugh, a puppy playing, a friendly wave, long news filled letter. A telephone call. A sunny day, rain dripping down a window pane, and a beautiful rainbow following a storm.

It is a hand to hold, a warm embrace, a novel that you cant put down! A crying child, a mothers reassurance, a beautiful rose, a melody, and a memory.

A smile, a sigh, the autumn leaves, a blanket of snow, a warm hello. A hug goodbye, brown paper packages tied up with string, a few favourite things. All of life's many blessings, understanding, compassion and love.

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