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Zarbis's Videos (27)

  • Carnival


    Que le plus grand carnaval clownesque eût commencé place scandale C'était fut un temps ou Adam et E… Tags: Animation, Mass Zarbis Feb 6, 2013 51 views

  • Déclaration


    Je lève mes yeux. J'arme les rimes, de ces lettres qui me hantent. Je m'endors dans une réalité, je… Tags: Mesh, Budget Zarbis Sep 16, 2012 36 views

  • Bridge


    Suspendue au pont je cherche un cable à neutron Pour accrocher dans le cosmos un éclair d' électron… Tags: cosmos, motion Zarbis Oct 29, 2011 42 views

  • Symphony


    je me suis brûlée les nerfs à vifs et je suis tombée dans le vide je suis partout et nulle part en… Tags: time, imagining Zarbis Sep 29, 2011 26 views

  • Melancholy


    The ring of light in space is moving. Its source, the sun disk, it is too far away. And crowds that… Tags: Transience, Sphere Zarbis Jul 23, 2011 32 views

  • Black Coffe

    Black Coffe

    Drop by drop in full when empty makes sense, creates and turns. Sediment prints destiny!!.Constant… Tags: Drop, Sediment Zarbis Jul 8, 2011 38 views

  • Widow (the temptation)

    Widow (the temptation)

    The tension keeps the network. Nor its rays become. Emerge from the abyss filled with meaning. As a… Tags: Death, Life Zarbis Jun 19, 2011 48 views

  • Catherina


    Catherina avait mis sa belle robe Pour danser au bras de l'homme iIs ont tourné toute la nuit sur… Tags: Man, Motion Zarbis May 15, 2011 30 views

  • Liberty


    My heart speaks in my mind that it is often unclear for the soul but my head does not hear my heart… Tags: Hope, Ideal Zarbis Mar 18, 2011 25 views

  • Blinking


    Your sap wakes my miel gentleman of my dreams Your python gives me the fever Somewhere where here… Tags: Lips, Poetry Zarbis Mar 16, 2011 41 views

  • Suicide


    It's war all around me Hope in the opening sentence under the roof Beyond this reality that I lea… Tags: Loneliness, Void Zarbis Mar 12, 2011 18 views

  • GATE (Red and White)

    GATE (Red and White)

    Give me the black deathI will make lifeGive me your sorrowsI do envygive me the abyss of lawsI'll d… Tags: Death, Dream Zarbis Feb 23, 2011 37 views

  • Eyes


    I poured the hourglass into your black eyes I would be for you the goddess In the nectar which flow… Tags: Dream, Time Zarbis Feb 4, 2011 33 views

  • Birds


    Day flight, Beauty of night I cross the snowy mountains I take flight in the rain To take you and g… Tags: Beauty, Poetry Zarbis Jan 11, 2011 22 views

  • Piece


    The time-space, movement, transformation and fusion of all forms of materiality to the new reality,… Tags: Nature, Matter Zarbis Nov 29, 2010 20 views

  • WEB


    Mystical Meaning: In primal myths the sea existed before the creation of humankind and is therefore… Tags: Modified, Sphere Zarbis Nov 28, 2010 20 views

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