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The right way to boost your intelligence and become insanely creative, innovative and a logical thinker

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Recently one person asked me this Question: "How do you boost your intelligence and become insanely creative, innovative and a logical thinker?" ( In a way a person of science)

Well, I can only give a reply from my own experience.

You must first get trained in how to increase your knowledge by reading the right kind of materials, discussing things with people who have large amounts of facts, command over a subject and exact and first hand information and the right skills. The more you do this, the more you become thirsty to gain more and more of it.

Then de-clutter your brain. Remove all the unnecessary, unusable and cheap information. When you do the first thing, the second one automatically follows it! Because your brain acquires the skills of differentiating between them.

Try to become completely unbiased, emotion-free and neutral. Then only you can develop critical thinking powers. Facts and only facts and truth should become basis for your thoughts. Just because you know something with expertise doesn't make you intelligent. Only your critical thinking capabilities make you an intellectual. Ask as many questions as possible and try to derive conclusions based on thorough open minded and extremely deep penetrative scientific analysis.  

How you use your acquired knowledge is another factor that decides your intelligence. When you know two to three things or several things from different fields in science, when you face a problem, you automatically try to connect various things, bring the knowledge you obtained by following the above methods and try to solve it. This is what we call scientific creativity (based on facts and natural laws) - which is different from artistic creativity ( depends on metaphors and fiction).

When once you start doing all these things, you will become somewhat 'insane' too! You get addicted to it. You feel you cannot live without it. You get drowned in it and forget that a world exists outside of your realm!

You have entered 'The zone' now which is a peak state where you’re positively immersed and focused in a single activity. Some people call this state “flow” or “peak performance”.

Viola! You have become a scientist now!

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The right way to boost your intelligence and become insanely creati...

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