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Because there is nothing beyond the big "S" to see for the special eyes!

Imagine these things:
You have specific scientific principles. Everything in this universe strictly follows them - from the small subatomic particles to the heaviest bodies in the space. From single intra-cellular dynamics to huge whales. And everything based on these scientific programmes is working brilliantly! Nothing else cannot control the universe and its constituents like science does!

There is evidence to show Earth is 4.54 billion years old. There is evidence in the form of fossils to show when life originated here and how it evolved.
So if somebody says Human beings were created 6000 years ago, as they are now, how can we even consider it?

You see beautiful roses in myriad colours. Smell their fragrance. Then you 'see' how the colours came into existence and the biochemistry of it all. The scene is wonderful beyond any imagination! You found out how human senses can detect the smells of 'chemicals' produced by the rose plant. When you can see and perceive beyond ordinary, you cannot imagine other things that 'build-up' stories!

You are watching cricket. You observe how a bowler is making the batsmen uncomfortable with his deliveries. You realize the dynamics of a sculptured ball playing in the atmosphere that is rightly suited for it because of its 'nature'. It is all science, stupid, your mind tells you!

Your mother is suffering with fever. You give her a medicine. You know how it is entering her system, getting attached to the receptors of her body, making the temperature reduce with its special mechanism. Wow, when you have special eyes and have an excellent view of all that is happening inside a human body, no other 'creative' stories of faith can impress you!

When your uncle 's diagnosed with cancer, and when he is asking you the Q, "Why me?", you go through his reports, tests, analysis and tell him 'why cancer has chosen him' to his surprise.

Your friend is struggling with his business. He 's wondering why others 're prospering while he couldn't. You want to help him. You collect data, analyse it and find a solution to his problem. Aha, data science to your friend's rescue! 

Your cousin has a strange health condition. He doesn't know what is causing it and how to get rid of it. You take him to a specialist doctor, get his condition analyzed, buy him the medicines the doctor prescribed and miraculously his health is  improving!

You see a thief stealing  something. You realize his brain is differently wired. You try to understand his position and sympathize. Science of the morality ( derived from reasoning related to...empirical evidence) to understand human psychology!

When your mind is dealing with how, when, where, what, which,who, why, whether, there is only one answer standing before you to get fact filled and realistic solutions, the big "S".
Can you suggest a better world than science? Can you see anything beyond the S world that is as promising as it is? You can't, I bet!

There isn't any world beyond science. This universe is science filled. Science-run. Science oriented. Its origin is science based and its end is science related too! 

No, you cannot escape the big "S", no matter how much you try and wish!
But you need those special eyes to see this reality. Without those eyes of scientists, you live only in the territory of illusions.

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