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The Creators Project Multimedia Festival Showed Off Some Great Toys, But Not Enough Art


Yes, I used to wonder all these days whether any art is there in huge installations, videos and other multimedia works exhibited around the world these days. These installations  look like huge decorative pieces with multi-coloured lights. We see them everywhere on our roads during festival seasons! The videos present funny faces without much theme! They look like children playing for fun in class rooms! Here children present their toys in the form of installations during festivals. I don't see much difference between these child presentations and artist presentations. Only difference I get to see is artists present them in huge spaces and children present them in small spaces! So is there really art in what artists present to the world these days? Now even art world is asking these questions. And I am glad about it. We should  make a self analysis and try to do works more artistically. Creativity doesn't imply to only decorative part of the works. It should  touch the themes too! Then onlyart world will become richer!

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