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Q: I am very poor at decision making. How can I take important decisions in life?
Krishna: Lack of knowledge and critical thinking skills are responsible for bad decisions. Sometimes cheating by others (if your research is not up to the mark and your blind belief in them can cause this) too makes your decisions bad.

For instance, if you want to buy a house in your city you have to do full research and gather all the information you can get on real estate aspects of your city without leaving a single one. Then you have to assess thoroughly your financial situation and if it is not good, loans you can get to cover it and your capacity to repay them. Then make a plan taking all the things into consideration including any unexpected expenses, changes you might face to it. Then strictly stick to it. Knowledge and methodical plans make you take decisions very confidently and execute them. Even if something goes awry, you still have trust in your abilities to tackle it because of your knowledge on the subject gained through thorough research. Then you can correct the situation and bring it back on track again and travel towards success.
Failure occurs only when your research and assessment of the situations are lopsided or when your evaluation of people's nature is not up to the mark.
It can also occur because of unexpected circumstances and your inability to tackle them.
A plan that is based on thorough research and on full knowledge rarely goes wrong. Wise people learn from others' experiences, not necessarily from their own.

Q: What is the biggest falsehood widely accepted as fact?

We are fighting this menace like hell.

Love Science, not its impostors!

Be alert - Pseudo-Science and Anti-Science are on the Prowl!

Q: Is it right to stick to your own assessment of a situation without giving consideration to others' views too? Is stubbornness good? Being obstinate is considered unsocial behaviour. 

Krishna: Yes, you have to give a thought to others' views too. But you can give ground to them only if they are better than your abilities to assess a situation. Let me show you this from a different perspective. 

A person with full knowledge - unlike the partial knowledge of others - a critical thinker (read here what critical thinking is: critical thinking  ) -  need not worry about others' lopsided views. They need not give ground to others' views if they don't do any good to anybody.

For instance, a child wants to eat sweets. Lots of them. The child doesn't know the bad consequences of eating lots of sweets. He only deals with 'reward centers' of his brain. Nothing else matters to him. 

But his mother with full knowledge of the bad consequences of eating lots of sweets, need not consider her child's views on this. She can refuse to listen to his demands or requests. That is not anti-social behaviour! That is thinking of her child's welfare.  

Sons and daughters can refuse to listen to their parents when they try to convince them not to marry the person they are in love with just because they belong to another caste because  it is highly irrational  to reject a person on such ground ( read here why: scientists-strong-recommendation ). That is not stubbornness! That is standing for your ideals. 

Likewise, a person with full knowledge on any subject, a person who is a critical thinker can stick to his views despite the whole world demanding a different thinking or acting. 

That is what I do too. After thinking a lot about something using my knowledge and critical thinking abilities, I get a clear view of something. I do consider others' views but ninety-nine percent of the time, I stick to my own assessment of the situation because I know that is the best and you won't get a better one than that one.

My critical thinking tells me never to  “feel” about an idea rather than “think” about the idea.  If somebody shows a better perspective, I might change my view but I never found anybody doing that till now. Therefore, I have full confidence in my abilities and thinking process which can take me on the right path. I am not worried about what others say about me. I am also not worried if they complain.

The point is if you have the best solution to a problem, why should you go for the second best or third best leaving it? That is not smartness! You need not listen to irrationality others propose. You can avoid being good and become a much better person by doing so with firmly sticking to analysis based on critical thinking and knowledge. If you set yourself higher standards, you don't care about 'ordinary stuff'.

Several times people told me they cannot "'convince me"' because I refuse to get manipulated! Only if you are willing to be weak, consider or accept substandard arguments or interpretations,  lopsided views, irrational beliefs  can people manipulate or exploit you. They can scare you, blackmail you emotionally, convince you to buy things you don't want to, make you do things you don't like. 

Just refuse to be weak. That is not bad behaviour if it stands on sound ground.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it - Aristotle 

Q; (based on the above one) What if people get angry or annoyed?

Krishna; Even if somebody gets angry or annoyed, you need not compromise on best values. Some uncomfortability is unavoidable sometimes. But you should have the ability to bear it to be in the right  zone. People will realize their mistakes sooner or later. That is the beauty of truth, facts and reality.

Q: Can you criticize others' views or interfere with others' beliefs?

Krishna: People think disrespecting others’ beliefs means disrespecting the people themselves. It is ‘bad upbringing’ to criticize others’ beliefs according to them.

Not necessarily. Everybody has his or her own right to believe in what they think is right for them. Right? Right! But...there is an exception...

This right exists only till it doesn't do any harm to others around. The moment we realize some harm is being done because of these baseless beliefs, we have to negate them, fight them and try to eradicate them.

The health of a society as a whole is more important than an individual's right to have his or her beliefs.

Like we fight antivexers.

Some of them say vaccination is against religious beliefs and tell others not to get their children vaccinated. That is where we, the people of science, fight religion if it comes in the way of science and welfare of the people. Get that right.

Likewise if somebody's behaviour or irrational beliefs are harming others around, you have to fight them with all your might. You have the right to speak against them, educate the people who are following them, bring them to their senses and make them realize their mistakes.  

That is what social reformers do. Had evils like sati, child marriage, dowry system not been tackled in this way, we still would have been living in uncivilized  societies.

And these days, anti-pollution campaign anti- harassment campaign, anti-pseudo-science campaign, anti- anti-science campaign  etc. belong to this category.

Yes, you have no right to interfere in others affairs. But when those affairs become harmful to somebody or something, you get the right to interfere with them. Nobody can say you can't. If you don't try to eradicate the evil things around you, your surroundings become foul and un-inhabitable.

Q: Why is it a sign of maturity to give up on the paranormal?

If you are a critical thinker, you will understand why believing in something that has no evidence doesn’t make sense at all.

Science and the paranormal

Q: Are still some people involved in black magic?

Krishna: There isn’t anything called black magic according to science. Nobody can do any harm to others just like that without ‘your consent’. Your consent hear means ‘your mental weakness’.

Black magic doesn’t effect mentally strong people because it doesn’t exist in the first place. And mentally weak people get psychologically effected because they think they are under some ‘bad influence’. That makes them worry and sick, not because of actual black magic but because of a thing called Nocebo Effect .

Some leaves, chillies, kumkum, turmeric powder, a doll cannot do any harm to any one. Some chanting of silly mantras cannot effect anybody just like that. Stop believing in it and it won’t effect you in any way!

So stop believing in it in the first place.

Krishna: Homeopathy doesn’t work. There is tons and tons of scientific evidence.

Homeopathy ineffective, study confirms

1,800 Studies Later, Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Doesn’t Work

Another Review Finds Homeopathy Worthless

Homeopathy officially doesn't work, according to Russia's top scien...

This is what a liver transplant surgeon told me recently...

If you still want to believe in it, it is up to you.

Q:What is something you have no pity for?

Krishna: Deliberate ignorance! Heard about it?
You have the means for gaining knowledge. Every single moment of your life. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing. But still if you choose not to go for it?

There won’t be any meaning to your life at all if you can’t improve it from one moment to the other!  

Q: Which is the best place or specialist for removing black magic?
Krishna : There isn’t anything called black magic, according to science. When there isn’t something in the first place how can you remove it?

But still strangely people believe in it and get cheated!
Q: Does rebirth really happen?

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

When there is no soul, how can it be used to take a rebirth?

Anecdotal evidence doesn’t become science, no matter how much people wish it. When scientists tried to investigate some of these things, they hit a vacuum.

There is no evidence of rebirths. Oh, yes, there are just stories, imaginations, and pseudo-scientific explanations to support them. That’s all.

Your beliefs are yours. But don’t try to make them authentic by using fallacies.

Q: What are some unbelievable paranormal facts?

Science says there is no genuine evidence of ghosts and even other paranormal activities can be explained easily. What people ‘see or feel’ is just based on imaginations, hallucinations, strange perception and interpretation of situations. Read this article that gives indepth analysis of the whole process.

Science and the paranormal

Q: What is the reason behind ghost existence?

For the second cause, there is explanation: Science and the paranormal

But if you just imagine something, you can also imagine several reasons for that imaginations. That is how several creative stories revolve around ghosts.

You cannot give the right reasons for an imaginative ghost. Nobody can. Period!

Q: Have you experienced something that made you feel that ghosts/spirits exist?

If you are a critical thinker you genuinely investigate things, try to find out the truth, not just feel and imagine things. These people are skeptics.

There is no genuine evidence of ghosts according to science. So?!

Science and the paranormal

Q: Is it possible in anyway to connect science and logic with religion and souls?

Krishna: If you want to connect genuine science with religion and souls, you have to strictly follow scientific methods. That is what science demands. That is where the wish falls flat.

But still people try and create pseudo-science in the process to authenticate their beliefs. Most people don’t know the difference between genuine science and pseudo-science and think what they found is real science and try to propagate it! And people around believe it too. Scientists don’t like that a bit and we are trying to fight this pseudo-science menace.

Sorry, no matter how much you try, evidence less imaginations can never become science. False connections can never become genuine science.

You will find the explanations here:

Science and Spirituality

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

Love Science, not its impostors!

Be alert - Pseudo-Science and Anti-Science are on the Prowl!

Q: Why do people really believe in religious superstitions and fasts even after receiving good quality education?

Like the wise say real education is the one that takes your mind and its thoughts towards the right direction. Just because you learn ABCDs, okay - how your heart works or how your cell phone/car/airplane works doesn’t take your mind and thoughts towards the right direction.

Only genuine critical thinking can do that. Now tell me do you get trained in critical thinking? Does your PG and Ph.D. in Economics teach you critical thinking? Do our universities teach critical thinking?

Then how can you call it ‘good quality education’?

Q: Is telling someone that they 're wrong, wrong? Is correcting someone wrong?

Krishna: No! But some think, 'Why argue, let me keep quiet. What difference will it make whether the person knows this or not'.

That is the wrong approach and that is how ignorance is being tolerated and allowed to flourish. This harms everybody and the societies we live in as a whole. Whether the person you are talking to listens to you or not, try to understand you or not, as a learned person it is your duty to bring facts before people and correct them if they are ignorant or wrong. 

That is educating people. Bringing them on to the right path. As a learned person it is your duty to make every one aware of the facts, correct information, knowledge and science etc. If you don't do that and just keep quiet, even if people around you are ignorant and wrong,  you are doing great injustice to the society you are living in. Had that happened all these years, without the interference of learned and wise people, we would have still remained as uncivilized cave men.

We have progressed because some people enlightened us all these years with their knowledge. 

Q: Can we interfere in others' affairs?

Krishna: Only if their affairs affect you or others around you or harming the people involved themselves. You know something that would help them in some way.  You can give some hint of your knowledge. That is not interfering in their affairs. As a well wisher you can try to help them. But  it is upto them to decide whether to accept your advice or not. 

But having a better knowledge and not to help others around is the worst thing you can do to your society and your loved ones.  Just ignoring it when you see  people around  about to fall into a pit is the worst thing to do as a human being. Yes, you can interfere to stop them hurting themselves. That is exactly what I am doing here! :)

Q: Why are some people ashamed of their rituals and culture?

Some of us, the people of science, respect our culture and traditions too provided they don’t harm or hurt anybody. The moment we realize they harm people in some way or the other, we start fighting them. As these people who give their analysis of people like us don’t have a full picture like the scientists have, they tend to think differently.

The problem is - to authenticate some of these practices, people are taking the help of pseudo-science and are propagating it as genuine science. Yes, we are fighting them too.

You should be able to understand what is right and what is not by using critical analysis, not an analysis based on biases.

If our genuine fights look ‘arrogant’ or ‘inferiority complex’ or ‘non-patriotic’ or ‘argumentative’, that reflects the partial picture paralysis some people are suffering from. That’s all!

Q: Are you more likely to believe what someone says if you can't respond to them?

Krishna: Sometimes I can’t respond to what people say because of lack of time, not because I believe in those things. Moreover, I will have to think and consider what others say too. It takes time. But I try to get some time to respond later.

I have already thought a lot about several things using my critical analysis and have fact based conclusions. It is not easy to manipulate a scientist like me. Therefore I never blindly believe in what people say or anything that is brought before me.

Respond I will, either in their presence to correct them or in my mind to correct myself.

Q: Some of my close friends don't support me even if I am right when someone is opposing me and when some are even bullying me. I get distressed. Why do you think they just keep quiet?

Krishna: This is the evil we are fighting vehemently. Such behaviour by your friends and relatives make the bullies more bold and this bullying spreads from one person to another making you more vulnerable.

If you try to understand the human psychology, most people are very selfish. They might themselves get bullied or they might not get the rewards/help they 're expecting from the bullies if they support you.  So don't expect them to come to your rescue. They won't, most of the time. That is their weakness.

You’re up against a massive force. What is this force? Powerful groups of friends and relatives through which people express their social identities. Often, it’s more important to humans that they be accepted by their tribe than to be right. And it’s not even that irrational: evolutionarily, not being part of a tribe was a death sentence. Given the fight we’re up against this force, we can hardly expect any support, even from our close friends and relatives. 

In fact when you ask them the reasons why they are being silent, they say something 's wrong with you and that 's why you 're getting bullied and not the others. That is how they try to shift the blame from themselves to you and escape! 

In such circumstances, you have to fight a lonely battle. Be strong, refuse to get bullied or cowed down. Don't let such things affect you in any way. If you are right, stand by your ground no matter what. Refuse to get intimidated. Sooner or later, people will realize their mistakes and that they can't frighten you in any way and back down. 

Q: Can we talk about others' affairs?

Krishna: There are three ways  we can look at this issue:

1. Yes, we have no right to comment on others' personal affairs. It is better to keep off from pocking your head around others' doors.

2. However, if we want to learn lessons from their experiences, we can talk and analyse the situations they 're in and pick up their lessons. That is what the wise do, learn from others' experiences. 

3. If others' affairs are malignantly affecting you or somebody else in some way, you have every right to tell them to mend their ways.

Q: Dr. Krishna, I am a spiritual guru. Your article science and spirituality is really engaging. But have you ever achieved a state of higher consciousness while dealing with science? Is it even possible?

Krishna: Hah! A spiritual guru's visit to this network and his getting engaged with its content is really heart-warming. Welcome to the world of Science, Sir!

 Some spiritual gurus told me a higher state of consciousness will lead you to a more Self-Empowered state of being. It will let more love flow easier to your Heart. It will get you in motion to a journey where you won’t play the victim anymore. It will lead you to listen to your Higher Self. It will give you infinite energy.

If that is what you achieve with higher state of mind, my answer is an emphatic "YES, I HAVE"!

I am highly empowered, I don't depend on anybody or anything for mental support.  "Critical thinking, thorough and fact dependent analysis of everything" brings peace and stability to my mind. Scientific investigation of everything brings satisfactory and the right answers to all my questions and problems. Problems don't seem problems anymore. I truly feel I am not a victim of circumstances but a higher self that is made to test and emerge victorious all the time. My love for all living entities is universal and doesn't stop at the boundaries of my home, city, region, state or country and is universal in nature. I am not afraid of anything anymore! I conquer fear with my rational thinking.

Understanding the scientific principles this universe is based on made me realize I am one with the universe and is not a separate entity from it and that there is no difference between me and the other forms - either living or non living - in this universe!

My expansive scientific knowledge brought me keen perception that combines innumerable perspectives at one instance. I can also sense how others are interpreting the world, how others feel based on their view points. Their judgments become very clear to me. And that doesn't bother me much if it involves me. 

I feel I have infinite energy in my body which makes me do things both mental and physical and multi task. I can feel and reach my higher potential. This energy made me a polymath too.

I always have new insights into things and thoughts and see things completely different from those aspects of others and in several different ways. 

Strangely sometimes I feel I am 'others' I am watching and what they are undergoing is actually me undergoing it! I feel one with others around and that we are not separate! I am both the beings who is enjoying life and who is suffering. And that I am everything and everybody in this universe! I am one with the universe. I deeply empathize with other living beings around.

Whenever I am out in the Nature's lap, watching mountains, streams, or stars in the night sky an overwhelming feeling engulfs me filling me with unexplainable experience. I feel a vast presence of energy and knowledge which is just infinite and pretty mind-blowing and surprisingly it completely fills me too.  My mind and  body become different and new entities then! 

I no longer fear death because I feel I cannot die - I can still live other lives, take other forms ( the atoms and energy in my body can get recycled ), and I can live others' - who are actually me too - lives!

I am totally free, highly independent, completely satisfied, very empowered and truly peaceful. If that is what spirituality brings, to my surprise, science too brought all these things into my life!

This is really enchanting and interesting. 

But my scientist friends told me they don't feel the same way as I do. Maybe their approach to scientific way of life is different from that of mine. And I am glad to say I stepped on the right path! That is why I succeeded in reaching these heights.

Q: This is spiritual guru again. There are several ways to follow to reach a higher state of consciousness. Yours is really interesting. I heard it for the first time - reaching it through a scientific way. Can you explain it in a more detailed way? 

Krishna: Why do you want to remain anonymous, sir? Why don't you come and meet me in person so that we can discuss it in detail?

Anyway, I deal with reality and facts. I explained above what a scientific way is.  I strictly apply scientific facts to my thought process and follow them when I act. That led to my higher awareness. That's all. I don't claim any miracles or super-natural powers. I don't have any of them.

Science and Spirituality

Q: Why do we suffer because of unnecessary things?

Krishna: You need not. You should be able to first realize what is necessary and what is not. Pain for necessary things is inevitable. But suffering is a choice!

Recently a lady told us a story. It went like this...

Indian married girl here. I’ve been married for 4 years. I had problems conceiving as I have pcod. I kept going to hospitals, taking medicines over medicines. Everytime I miss a period I would take a test and it will come out negative. I also had to face these weird people who kept asking me questions like “Any good news?” or “Are you taking treatments? You should go to this doctor” or “Did you get your husband checked?”. I really wanted to slap them. This made me even more stressful and I stopped going to family functions. My husband and In laws were very supportive. This repeated for about 3 years, after which I decided to stop taking treatment.

About six months later, I got a positive result. I can't tell how happy I was. My husband and I started crying.. I happily went for scans and check ups and everything was normal. My baby and I were healthy. My husband did not want me to go to my mom’s place, as he wanted to take care of me. So I stayed here.

After about 20 weeks of pregnancy, my health started getting bad day by day. Eventhough the scans were normal, my doctor said that I might have to go for preterm labour if I get out of the bed even for a minute. I had to be in complete bed rest. 2 days after my doctor said this, I haid labour pain and I had to deliver my baby boy. I lost my baby. I literally prayed that I should die too.

Mine was a normal delivery and my doctor performed d&c which made me very drowsy and tired. I was in a lot of pain and shock and I did not know what was going on. I was asked whether I want to see the baby. I was scared and confused, there were a ton of emotions going on inside my head that i said no. My husband and everybody else saw our baby, except me. After I got home, I couldn't believe that I actually said no. I wanted to see him, I wanted to hold him in my arms. I took the recent scan report and hugged tight. It has been a year now and i still see my baby in the scan, I kiss him and cry. I really can't forgive myself for what I did. Why didn't I see him? I hate myself for it. I kinda wanna die and go where my baby is.

What broke me evenmore is that my doctor said that my baby was alive and healthy when he was born. He was alive for 10 minutes, gave a weak cry. And died afterwards. I was going through d&c at that time. I am totally broken. I really can't forgive myself. People have started their questions again. I feel really depressed.

P.s. If you are a girl reading this, please, never ask such questions to any girl. I beg you. You have no idea, it makes me want to kill myself. If there is some thing good, you’ll definitely come to know as it is not something which can be hidden. If you really care for them, pray for them. Stop asking such indecent questions no matter how close you are.

Did not mean to hurt anybody here. Just poured my heart out.

I sent her this message...

While I empathize with you, lady, I really want you to become strong mentally. Can you please consider this lady?

 Your unnecessary reaction to others' Qs is making you suffer more. Because you have some opinions based on a culturally conditioned mind that conceiving is what  is absolutely necessary for a women to become 'wholesome'. Of course others around you too feel that way and that is why they ask such Qs. You cannot avoid a culturally conditioned society that knows nothing about critical thinking based change - when you are in it. 

In such cases the thing that makes us truly strong is ‘being realistic’, neither positivity nor negativity. Being positive makes us expect too much. It is not a very effective tool and can be downright harmful in some cases, when you don’t get the picture right and anticipate more than you put efforts into a situation. That is like kidding yourself!

There are much better ways to get the benefits that positive thinking allegedly provides. Can you actually go through life without labeling what happens to you as good or bad? Yes, you can. You have to train yourself to do this. You have been conditioned to think of things as bad or good. You can de-condition yourself.

Think of our pain and suffering as being hit by two arrows. The first arrow, the inevitable pain of life, whether a difficult event, thought or feeling, is shot at us; we have little control over this. But then we shoot a second arrow at ourselves with our own reaction to the pain, amplifying and prolonging it. The suffering from the refusal or pushing away of this pain, the "it shouldn’t be here," the "I can’t stand this," but also the blaming, the ruminating, the "why me?" the "it’s always been this way and always going to be this way" stories: these are the parts we add. To put it simply: pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Failures might occur in life. When they do, you should revisit your problem, analyse it thoroughly and realistically in an enlightened way and think you haven't found a proper solution to it yet and that's why you couldn't overcome it, then try to get one, increase your efficiency of the effort, plug the loopholes and go after it with all your might to defeat it.

That is the realistic way of doing things.

In order to refuse to suffer, lady, you should  first de-condition your mind. Motherhood is not everything. It is only a part of a women's life. If  you don't get a part of something, it doesn't matter. You have several other parts to live a fruitful life. If you can make use of them to the fullest possible ways, motherhood doesn't matter at all. 

If you develop a universal outlook, you can treat all the children in the world as your own, share your love with them, enjoy your life with them.  "Your children" or "my children" have no meaning in this context. Who is yours and who is mine? Everything belongs to the universe and you and I are a part of it. You can have your chance of enjoying life with every child in this universe if you have this universal outlook. You can adopt an orphan.

On the other hand if you cannot come out of the cultural conditioning of your mind, you can go for 'assisted pregnancy' - IVF or surrogacy. Science can help you. Why get emotional? Why cry like a weak person? Refuse to be weak. Refuse to suffer.  Become strong and search for a real solution, lady. I am sure you will succeed one day. All the best.

Q: How is the soul linked to consciousness?

Krishna: While consciousness has evidence, soul doesn’t! So consciousness is reality and soul is imaginative.

If it is linked by some, that becomes imaginative perception, not a fact based one. Therefore, people can interpret it in any way they want but ‘interpreting in any way you want’ becomes ‘misconception’, not truth.

Q: How would you describe yourself in just one word?

Q: How would you describe yourself in 100 words?

Krishna: Scientist to the core, written a hundred times!
Q: Is conscious separation of the body from its soul the real death? Is that the ultimate and only purpose of a human’s birth?
Krishna : There is no evidence of soul in the first place, according to science. Therefore, conscious separation of the ‘biological’ body from the ‘non-existing’ soul is not the real death, according to science.

You can imagine anything you want based on your perception of the world, life or death but these are not scientific facts.

Science states that: "An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem is dead. A determination of death must be made in accordance with accepted medical standards, not according to your perceptions.

The second Q. Purpose of human birth or life?

According to some physicists, origin of life is an inevitable outcome of thermodynamics. Their equations suggest that under certain conditions, groups of atoms will naturally restructure themselves so as to burn more and more energy, facilitating the incessant dispersal of energy and the rise of “entropy” or disorder in the universe. This restructuring effect, which they call dissipation-driven adaptation, fosters the growth of complex structures, including living things. The existence of life is no mystery or lucky break but rather follows from general physical principles and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.”

When you have taken birth and evolved with a brain that can analyse things critically, your purpose becomes very clear:

Finding facts based correct knowledge about the universe and use it for the benefit of living beings.
Q: Do our ancestors await us in the other world, or must they have moved on on their journey?
Krishna: There is no evidence of ‘other world’ in the first place. Once any living being dies, the atoms in its biological body gets recycled by the universe. That’s all.

We all belong to one universe. We were born here as a result of coming together of a few atoms and some energy and the resultant consciousness. In the end we will return to the place where we came from. The bits and energy our bodies are made of will be returned to the universe for the recycling process to continue. .

In the process we meet some forms like us who too came together with the help of atoms and energy and consciousness, who we call relatives and friends and inanimate things like our houses, cars, money etc. which we think are ours. They are ours only till we are here as conscious beings. Realize this. They are actually owned by the universe we came from, not us. And go back to it! That is the eternal truth!

Yes, our beloved ones who departed from us will still be there in the configuration of scattered particles and energy in this universe. But not in the conscious shapes we interacted with during their life times. We will never meet them again in those appearances we are familiar with once they die. We can only see them in our dreams as our brains try to comfort us by showing their pictures. That is all.

After our deaths and destruction we too return back to the universe as individual atoms and energy, to the one body that recycles them and we all belong to whether we lived with our conscious bodies or existed as inanimate forms.

Science tries to strengthen our minds permanently by making us realize reality!

Q: Why and how did William Wordsworth and Shelly become natural poets?

Krishna: Nature poets get inspiration from Nature.

Everybody enjoys Nature. Beautiful grasslands, wild flowers, mountains, rivers, stars, moon and everything around us make us happy. If you have command over a language, that happiness turns into rhythmic poetry.

If you can paint, that happiness turns into a beautiful painting.

If you are a scientist, that happiness turns into a knowledgeable explanation.

Like these things …

The beauty of a rose as perceived by our senses through science's l... ( Nature poem )

Flowers ( PAINTING)


Science can tell what constitutes the beauty of a rose! ( Scientific Explanation and description of a writer)

( I am a polymath and deal with several fields and therefore anything that inspired me turns into a multi-faceted creative endeavour)

Q: Which famous scientists, painters and litterateurs were atheists (that you know of)?

Here you’d find the lists:

List of atheists in science and technology - Wikipedia

List of atheist authors - Wikipedia

List of atheists (miscellaneous) - Wikipedia ( list includes artists)

List of atheists in music - Wikipedia

List of atheist activists and educators - Wikipedia

List of atheist philosophers - Wikipedia

Q:Do you think the best use of our intelligence, is to invent, do research, experiment, explore and find out how and why everything was created, including us, as that has made us wiser, increased our insights and has helped us in many ways?  

Krishna: Yes, undoubtedly. But explore in the right way, not any exploration.

If you want to find out how and why everything was created,

you can just ‘imagine’ like religion does interpreting things based on various perceptions and anecdotal stories or follow the scientific method to find out evidence based facts.

Why the second method is better? Read here: Science and Spirituality

Q: Vedas means, end of knowledge. There isn't anything beyond vedas. Am I right?

Krishna: Not really. 

Vedas are ‘interpreted truth’ by some, not ultimate truth. Interpreted truth is ‘truth to some people’, not to everybody. That is why different religions came into existence based on different interpretations given by different people.

And that is why science encourages falsification. Unless knowledge is challenged, you cannot progress by getting closer to facts. Unless evidence is shown, you cannot establish facts. read this article for more clear explanation: Science and Spirituality

Upanishads themselves say …

असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥ 
 – बृहदारण्यक उपनिषद् 1.3.28

From untruth lead us to Truth.
From darkness lead us to Light.
From death lead us to Immortality.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

-- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

That is exactly what science does. It takes us from falsehood and misconceptions to facts. It leads us from darkness to light. Science is fighting disease and death too. It is promoting human welfare.

Science is doing exactly what upanishads are preaching!


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I heard about lateral thinking. Now I am seeing it with my own eyes.

Not only science, you show us all things from several angles, broadening our  perspective of the world. I am glad I found you and science-art lab, Dr. Krishna. 




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