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A science teacher recently told me about the problems she is facing with her students .... She said: 'Half of my students don't try to listen to what I teach in the class. They look here and there, talk among themselves, play games on their cell phones, even if they look at me and the black board, I realize they just pretend they are listening. 
Most of them just mug up their lessons and write the exams.  They pass the exams alright but I feel something is not right. Most of them don't understand what a topic is all about and how it is useful in our daily lives. What should I do to make them more interested in my teaching and the science subjects?' 
And this is my reply to her: Several science teachers face this problem. Science is a difficult subject to follow for the 'mind-blocked people'. They fear maths, equations, jargon and all the things that make science what it is. Therefore, they try to avoid dealing with it in a proper way.
However, there is a solution to this problem: Simplify science to avoid mind blocks and use innovative ways to teach science. One of the solution is using art and literature as aids to communicate and teach science effectively.  
Why is teaching through art and literature important? And why is integrating sci, art and literature important?
Most people consider Art and literature as easier subjects when compared to science. This thinking removes mind blocks when they are used as aids in teaching.
When asked to create an art work or write poems after listening to a science topic, it was found in the UK that students concentrated more on the subject to understand it in a better way. Students just don't pretend or memorize, they will try to grasp the subject so that they could write poems using the knowledge or create an art work.
Students in the West tried to connect one subject to another one creatively, science to art and science to litt. in these experiments. This creativeness undoubtedly brings innovation according to experts.
Students also try to see things differently from another point of view. This improves their thought processes. When they learn three subjects at a time - art, literature and science, they will realize the difference between facts and fiction, metaphors and reality practically. Then they won't fall prey to misinformation easily. 
When we have so many benefits why shouldn't we use art and literature as aids while teaching and communicating science?  
Think about that and if you need help you can approach me. 

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