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You have a mirror. You have a clock facing it. It is the nature of the mirror to reflect things.

Such things happen in nature too. Water reflects several things. Silica or marble stones polished by nature reflect things. Do they have any connection to things happening around them? Like floods, avalanches and earthquakes? NO!

So how does a mirror reflecting a watch have a connection to your fever or to the accident which occurred several miles away to one of your relatives?

Fevers mainly are a result of the infections you got because of your carelessness.

An accident is the result of somebody’s carelessness.

What have these things got to do to your mirror or watch? They are completely unrelated. Why are you trying to make the wrong connections then?

Shall I tell you why?

In the primitive times, when our ancient relatives like ‘Denisovans’ or ‘Neanderthals’ didn’t know why something happened, they made these wrong connections. They blamed everything and everybody around for the bad things happening to them.

Now we know why such bad things happen. We even know how to avoid them. But instead of learning things, and using the knowledge we acquired to better our lives, if we still stick to our ancient mindset and thinking? If you keep listening to people with ancient mindsets instead of growing mentally reflecting the homosapien mindset?

And fear everything? Making wrong connections? Refusing to grow and improving your life? That is keeping your life in something or somebody else’s grip!

Come out this helplessness and take your life into your own hands and sculpt it courageously and in the right manner.

A mirror reflecting a clock opposite is neither a good sign nor a bad sign. It has no sign at all until you give it some sign and fear your own interpretation.

You are creating your own ghost in your mind.

By the way my own dressing table mirror in my bed room reflects a clock.

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