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There are some rules, like in science, for communicating science too. To become a good science writer these rules have to be followed. Ignore them at your own peril!

1. Only scientists or people that follow the rules of science and methods can debate or oppose the controversial research reports using facts. Period.

2. Only data and facts count in science. Your emotions, beliefs, affiliations, opinions don't.

3. If you don't know enough of science, don't talk/write about it. Just listen/read.

4. Always consult peer reviewed original research papers before writing, not others' reports which might not give accurate pictures.

5. While reporting controversial issues, presenting all the views in detail is necessary but it must be mentioned which one has garnered the most support from the scientists qualified to analyze them thoroughly and why.

6. Forget about sensationalism, selling capacity of the story. Stories that have an impact on human lives and those that tell truth deserve the most space and time.

7. Get first hand information by directly contacting the relevant scientists or experts for authenticity; don't depend on second hand information from other sources.

8. Aim for quality work. The right form of impact could be obtained by presenting the story the right way. (What is the use of 1 million people reading it in a news paper/ on a news site and when not even a few of them are able to retain what they read? If you do it the right way with facts and mentioning the effect of the work on people's lives, if it sticks to the minds of even 10 people and they are unable to remove it from their minds forever and adopt it throughout their lives that is the real impact ).

9. Try to think critically. Myths, mis-information, speculations, pseudo-science need special treatment from the mind.

10. Question scientists, challenge science, investigate about authenticity of the research before writing but do them in a scientific way.

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