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Materialists and Spendthrifts, have you heard about Ecological and Carbon Foot Prints?

"We don't use the clothes we buy more than once. We use them once or twice at the most and throw them away. We don't want to use them or see them over and over again. We get bored after a single use. Why shouldn't we buy new ones every day when we get so many beautiful designs and prints?"

And what is worse is journalists criticizing and ridiculing actors and other celebrities for repeating the clothes they wear for special occasions.

I heard this said by several people in recent times and read it in news papers and I was distressed whenever I came across these situations.

When I was young people used to wash and wear their clothes several times until they get damaged. They never got bored using them over and over again. And they  helped our Earth by cycling and re-cycling the material they were using.


This is the scientists' answer...

The " Ecological Foot Print" is a measure of human demand on Earth's ecosystems.  It compares human demand with planet Earth's ecological capacity to regenerate. It represents the amount of Biologically productive land and sea area needed to regenerate the resources a human population consumes and to absorb and render harmless the corresponding waste. Everything we do has consequences.  Today humanity's total ecological foot print was estimated at 1.6 (and in some cases 1.8) planet Earths - in other words - humanity uses ecological services 1.6 times as fast as Earth can renew them! It now takes the Earth one year seven to eight months to regenerate what we use in a year! We maintain this overshot by liquidating the Earth's resources. Overshoot is vastly under-estimated threat to human well-being and the health of the planet and the one that is not adequately addressed. We need a collective action in support of the world, where the humanity lives within the Earth's bounds.

A "Carbon Foot Print" is a measure of the amount of Carbon dioxide produced by a person, organization or state in a given time. The measure of greenhouse gases that are produced by the activity of a person, a family etc. The impact of a certain activity on the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere. Your lifestyle or use of a particular product or service impacts CO2  production.  Let us take the examples of clothes. Production of cotton or synthetic fabrics, the colours people use to dye and print them, threads people use to stitch the clothes, the decorative items  the designers use to make them look beautiful  - all these have effect on greenhouse gas productions - which in turn affect our environment. Therefore, using them judiciously and in a proper way is very important for the well being of our planet.

If you use something just for once and throw it away and buy a new product very frequently, you are increasing your carbon foot print several folds and becoming a burden to Earth. If you over use materials and damage the health of Earth now itself, what will you leave to your future generations? Just useless soil they cannot eat or wear! Had our forefathers did that to us, we would have all become extinct by now!

People who waste materials might not have realized the consequences of their acts. So they do it so carelessly. But for a person like me who can see like a movie on a screen before my eyes what impact all that waste on the environment we live in have, it is really shocking and scary! Therefore, I want to bring this picture before your eyes too. I don't intend to criticize anybody, I only want to paint the truth before the world so that people would  realize and appreciate my efforts to save this beautiful planet  Earth.

I use my clothes (or anything I buy) over and over again for years. Nobody dared to ridicule me for doing that till now. If anybody criticizes me in the future, I will tell them to close their eyes if they can't see me in repeated dresses ( I am sure they can't do that, people themselves told me this) or anything else. Who says you don't look wonderful in 'old dresses' too? You should bring beauty to your dresses with your attitude, not the vice versa.

My Ecological Foot Print is as low as 5.02. If everybody has such a low EFP, we would need only 0.3 Earths! Our planet would be green forever!

So may I ask everybody  to come with me into a ecologically balanced beautiful world that would be as wonderful as it looked earlier? And leave it the same to our future generations too?

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