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Can optical illusions check stress levels?


The claim: An optical illusion created by a Japanese neurologist can reveal how stressed you are.

A claim on social media says that if the image is still, the viewer is calm, but if the image appears to be moving, the viewer is stressed. If the image is moving like “a carousel”, then the viewer is very stressed. Some instances of the post then ask the viewer how they are doing based on what they see and claim that it was created by a Japanese neurologist and it can be used to tell a viewer how stressed they are.

Image credit: Yurii Perepadia

The Fact: False. This image cannot tell you how stressed you are.

That's all fake. The image is an artwork that is designed in a way that it is supposed to seem like it's moving, as it is an optical illusion.

The image was really created by Yurii Perepadia, a 50-year-old designer from Oleksandriya in Ukraine. He drew it in 2016 and it took him about two hours to complete. And most importantly, he says the image has nothing to do with how stressed you're feeling.

In any case, an optical illusion is not the best way to tell if you're stressed. If you are at all worried about your mental health, then it's better to see a qualified professional.

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