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Q: Doctors are giving conflicting advice. Allopathic doctors say one thing. Nature cure doctors say the opposite thing. Ayurvedic doctors say something in between. Homeopathic doctors  say gibberish. Who should we follow? I am getting confused.

Krishna: I am not surprised. :)

Genuine doctors depend on scientific research to come to a conclusion. Because science gives evidence based facts. What you should be listening to is evidence, not culturally conditioned age old advices that don't have any evidence to back up.

The word "Doctors" is not important. The word 'Allopathy' is not important, the words "nature cure " are not important.

Only evidence based fact is important to make the right decision.

Because I have seen even 'famous' doctors speaking rubbish on You Tube. I (and some of my colleagues) challenged them to prove what they are saying 's right several times. Know what? They keep quiet and don't give replies whenever I show them evidence. SO?!

Listen to genuine science and nothing or nobody else.

Scientific Evidence

Q: If you are a scientist, does your world change completely?

Krishna: Being a scientist is a state of mind, not  a profession. 

When you reach that state of mind, yes, your world deviates from the ordinary world and you step into a completely different world. 

Your whole outlook changes. Scientific method guides you in everything you do. Critical thinking, the highest form of thinking, makes you a totally divergent person.

That brings a conflict with others. But you can't do anything about it.

A mind   that is broadened by immense knowledge can never go back to its original size. You can never see the world like you did earlier again.  

You try to educate others too, and if they listen to you, you can get some peace of mind. Otherwise you try to avoid conflicts by avoiding people.

But it is a very wonderful world because it is based on reality, not imagination, knowledge, not ignorance, evidence based facts, not blind beliefs.

 Q: Why do we have belly buttons, the holes in our stomach region? What is its  real use?

Krishna: Before you were born was when you really used your belly button. Well, sort of…The belly button marks the spot where the umbilical cord connected your body to your mother's womb.

The umbilical cord was your life line when you were inside your mother's womb. It was a rope-like cord with blood vessels that connected your baby belly to your mother's placenta inside her womb. Nutrients and oxygen flowed to your body through the umbilical cord, and wastes your body needed to get rid of flowed back to the placenta.

When you were born, the doctor tied off or clamped the umbilical cord, so that it could be cut off where it attached to your belly. Over the first few weeks of your life, what was left of the umbilical cord slowly dried up and fell off. What was left? Your belly button!

Q: Why do two equally qualified scientists, when given the same evidence, come up with two different opinions? One believes in evolution and the other in young Earth creation. Why?

Krishna: “Equally qualified scientists”!

Qualifications don’t denote equal mental processing of information. If your scientific training is inadequate, or if fear grips your mind, you cannot overcome your cultural, traditional, religious, emotional or political conditioning of mind. You try to process the information you have with your biased mentality.

Opinions don’t matter in science, anyway. Only evidence based facts make a difference here. If you just express your opinions without providing ‘genuine’ evidence, your opinion is as good as any layman’s words. Words written on water. They melt away as soon as written.

What is the use of such things?

Qualifications don’t matter, opinions don’t matter.

Only thing that matters is scientific method. If your theory is established using scientific method, it becomes an evidence based fact. Rest all is rubbish.

Q: How does science interact with your life?


Everything in this universe works based on scientific principles. Your life itself is based on science. You, I and this universe cannot live or work without science.

It isn’t just interaction. Science is the life of our lives!

Q: I'm confused; the early test results showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine had inferior protection to Pfizer, but the UK government recently reported that efficiency was roughly similar. Were the test conditions just different?

Krishna: You can’t compare efficacy just like that. Watch this video which tells you why:
Q: What is the speed of gravity? How did they measure it?
Krishna: The "speed of gravity" refers to the speed of a gravitational wave, which is the same speed as the speed of light.
Fomalont and Kopeikin combined observations from a series of radio telescopes across the Earth to measure the apparent change in the quasar's position as the gravitational field of Jupiter bent the passing radio waves. From that they worked out for the first time  that gravity does move at the same speed as light (1).
From the Liénard—Wiechert potential in both the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field, it is shown that the propagation speed of gravitational field (waves) can be tested by comparing the measured speed of gravitational force with the measured speed of Coulomb force(2,3).
Q: Did Albert Einstein say "Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun" and "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"?
Krishna: Several quotes are attributed to Einstein. Who knows whether he really said these things or not!

But this first one "Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun" is true to a great extent. When you have intelligence, knowledge in several subjects, you try to creatively connect them and solve the problems faced by the world. That is really fun. I myself have experienced it. I think most of the scientists feel the same way while working in a lab. That is why they can go on and on despite the difficulties faced by them.

Whether Einstein said this or any other scientist did, it doesn’t matter.

I think the second one, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" is a bit twisted. Einstein or any other scientist must have thought about 'his/her knowledge based or information loaded imagination as a scientist' when s/he said those words but people are interpreting it in several stupid ways! Read here why:

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