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Q by VKJ: How does science(s) answer “why should (not) I kill that insect stinging me on my toe?”?

Well, the insect (like bee or some insects like it) might be useful in pollination which might bring you food to your plate by producing seeds, fruits and vegetables after teh process. Just bear the pain and wait for the food. Doesn’t that make sense?

And ants control pests naturally. Like ladybeetles, green lacewings, and other beneficial bugs, ants often help control pests (they actually support some pests, too ) by eating their eggs and young or disturbing them during feeding.

Ants are such an effective biological control agent, in fact, that some growers introduce them on purpose as part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy.

So leave that ant alone even if it stings you - it helps you in reality. Even if a friend fights with you and hits you, don’t you forgive him for the sake of friendship?

Does that make sense?


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Q: Where can we say " science doesn't work in this universe?

Krishna: Nowhere in this universe!

Alright some people have raised some Qs here and said science doesn't work with regard to such Qs. This is not understanding the word science properly.

Science has two aspects:

One: The principles with which this universe came into existence and run by it.

Two: The process with which we study this universe.

If you take the first aspect into account, you will not find any place in our universe where scientific principles don't work and are not responsible for things existing and things happening. Without these principles this universe doesn't work and collapses and becomes non-existent. The very fact that it is working so well is evidence enough that science is working everywhere in this universe and running it wonderfully.

Right, if you come to the second aspect, i.e., the process with which we study and try to understand our universe, it is not science that is not working. It 's human mind's inadequacy to understand things in our 'scientific universe' responsible for that, not science.

Why do you try to shift your inadequacies to science and say science cannot do this or science cannot do that? Science, the thing this universe is run by, can be tackled only by science. If you cannot use your tool properly and blame science for it, it is like a bad worker blaming his tools for his lack of efficiency.

Now show me with genuine evidence a place in this universe where science doesn't work. Mere logic and argument won't do.




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