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Today I got a message from a student in the US. It says:
Dr. Kumari..I love science, I love people..but I'm a bit confused and perhaps an intelligent woman such as yourself can help me. Myself, being an observant jew living in the US identifies with women getting into the Scientific realm..but what does it have to do with the Politics? One, in my belief system has nothing do with the other. On a side note, mentioned by another noted interviewee: "and the state-to-be Palestine". There is no guarantee of a state-to-be-Palestine". I'm not one to say I'm pro or con. I keep politics away as best as possible cause I enjoy all people from all over the globe. But, an intelligent Physicist to say such a thing, makes me question.. Am I reading into to much? Thanks and best wishes, Happy Ramadan if (celebrate)..

( In reply to a discussion I added to an online group 'Women in Science' titled - 'Women in Physics in the Palestinian territories' - which was not written by me. )

And my reply to her:

I think science is universal. It shouldn't be associated with religion, region, ethnicity/race, caste, gender etc. As a person of science, I think if science keeps its distance from politics that would be ideal. But when you are dealing with human beings, some things are unavoidable. I take the good things from the article - women embracing Physics is one of them- and leave the bad part of it and don't even acknowledge noticing it and waste my time.
Because of your religious affiliation, you must have noticed it and felt bad about it. It must have touched a raw nerve. Sorry about that.
When I am dealing with people, the first thought that comes to my mind is- I am dealing with 'human beings' like me and nothing else matters to me. When I am dealing with science, I am speaking a universal language and nothing else comes to my mind.

My network has members from even Pakistan and China which were once - and now also by some - considered as enemy countries by people here.  But as soon as they requested me to allow them to join my network, I approved their membership because these people are innocent citizens of these countries and have nothing to do with war or terrorism and they love me and respect me and India for the same reason.
I am quite surprised to see how an innocent act can make people react in a different way. However, it helped me understand the world in a better way. You are reading things based on your previous experiences, ethnicity, cultural conditioning of your mind, regional influences, religious affiliations, recent incidents happened in the Middle East  etc.
I can understand that.
But my sincere request to you is don't read too much into the word 'Palestine' in the article.
I am not a Muslim, but celebrate Ramadan along with my Muslim friends here. I celebrate Christmas too along with my Christian friends. I don't have Jewish friends here although I have some online Jewish friends. I have Jain, Sikh and Buddhist friends too. I was a born Hindu but don't practice the religion like a real Hindu. However, I celebrate all the Hindu festivals with my family. I don't think about religion, ethnicity, gender, caste, region etc. when I make friends.
I am a Human being first and a Scientist next.  Everything else is irrelevant. That is what my parents/family and education I got told me to realize and practice. I like the idea and am practicing it. Science is what guides me all the time. I love science more than any religion because it gives me unbiased and accurate views of the world around me.

Best wishes

And the reply I got from the student:

Dr. Krishna..
You are one amazing woman for me to emulate..and I enjoy saying that.
I like what you write, what you have to say (philosophically) and I'm completely on the same page with you. 
I take Science as our Universal language..but I try not to get into the politics - it's other peers in this "community" that I live amongst who tries to persuade.  I try to stay clear from learning about politics (despite that could be an ignorant statement to say).  It gets them angry when they know I'm an open-human that enjoys learning from all cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. 
Bottom-line, I, too enjoy people, from all walks of like no matter what part of the world they are from (and was raised that way from a very poor family) - and whatever name makes them sound happy for a country name - so be it.
But, I love Science (and Math too!) which goes hand-in-hand.  Just like people should go "hand-in-hand" - well too bad for those that bogged down in other things..  To me Science and  my dedication to my religion comes first (family is a given)..
All the best and enjoy our conversations. Great & productive day!
A... :-)
True scientists don't care about nationality or origin or politics, they just care about science!

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