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"Everything we touch, science has helped us understand better".

You need a deep understanding of science to actually manipulate concepts in novel ways and get creative in science. You need several years of training in research to do that - Krishna

Not all scientific theories are absolute truths,  they are relative truths. Till new full proof theory emerges, they are truths in transition. We must not feel shy to accept this. - Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Science is art and much, much, much more! That is why it gives me so much thrill and intoxication - Krishna

Science itself has an in-built creativity aspect!  - Krishna

Being a scientist is a state of mind, not a profession - Krishna

An optimist would say the glass is half full, while a pessimist would say it is half empty. I think a third point of view should define who a scientist is. For me the glass is always full - half filled with water and the other half with air. If you don't try to see the unseen and the whole picture,  you are not a scientist at all! - Krishna

Average is not good enough in science. You got to cross the limitations of excellence if you really want to be successful in helping the world - Krishna

Just believing in evolution or any other scientific theory is just a description about you. It’s not an account of how you reason. Studying, understanding, critically thinking about what you come across, tallying it with natural laws, then accepting what makes sense is what makes you a real person of science - Krishna

The fact that science never really proves anything, but simply creates more and more reliable and comprehensive theories of the world that nevertheless are always subject to update and improvement, is one of the key aspects of why science is so successful.

"Scientists evaluate facts and evidence and then come up with a theory or idea, whereas creationists start with an absolute truth claim and then try to assemble arguments to back it up." ~ Daniel McWhirter.

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world - Louis Pasteur

“All scientific facts have passed through three stages: First it was ridiculed. Second it was violently opposed. Third, it was accepted as being self evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Your inability to grasp science is not a valid argument against it! 

Flashes of insight often come to a prepared mind. It is the 'aha' moment. “Aha!” moments are those in which the brain suddenly recombines information in a new and useful way. This is not intuition.

In science, there are hardly ever any lone heroes: the work of any scientist or team of scientists is based on the observations of an older generation and the data of contemporaries, and will be overtaken or enhanced by the work of the next set of newcomers.

Extreme political or religious conflicts resolve by war. Extreme scientific conflicts resolve by a search for better data - Neil deGrasse Tyson   

"Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing" - Victor Hugo

"...the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge'"
- Isaac Asimov

'In science we don't go for the second-best option'

Science is not just for people in white lab coats it's for everyone everywhere!

Karl Marx had said in his Das Kapital: "There is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.”

What’s the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions, if in the end, all we’re willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true? ( just because the models are not very accurate?) - Nobel Laureate Sherwood Rowland ( On climate science predictions).

Science deniers, Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t make it not true.

Miracles are just rare and poorly understood phenomena - Anonymous 

The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best -- and therefore never scrutinize or question. -Stephen Jay Gould, paleontologist, biologist, author (1941-2002)

Five basic requirements for a field to be considered scientifically rigorous: clearly defined terminology, quantifiability, highly controlled experimental conditions, reproducibility and, finally, predictability and testability.

"Through their training, scientists are equipped with what Sagan calls a “baloney detection kit” — a set of cognitive tools and techniques that fortify the mind against penetration by falsehoods".

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature - Michael Faraday

For scientists, an answer to a question, or solution to a problem, is not true until proven so. Even if they are well known ideas, thoughts and beliefs!

This is why I love science:  For myself, like so many others it evokes wonder and awe and confers a continuing sense of amazement, and the more you learn the more you understand when you look; the world we live in becomes a palimpsest that with the right tools can be read, deciphered and comprehended. It brings us to a fleeting moment of oneness in the universe, the unimaginable infinity of time and space.

Scientists who leave the safe haven of their home discipline to explore the uncharted territory that lies outside and between established disciplines are often punished rather than rewarded for following their scientific curiosity ( which is not good).

"Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved." - Tim Minchin

 “If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't.” - Scientist and author Lyall Watson

Science is not about certainty. Science is about finding the most reliable way of thinking at the present level of knowledge.

The deeper we are into science, the more we realize how little we know and how much more we still have to learn. How inadequate we are still to deal with the world. How to utilize what we know and have in a better manner. Most of the scientists are humble enough to accept this.
Science brings wonder in me to the forefront. A child-like wonder and curiosity drive most of the scientists to go on and on despite all the difficulties they face. Without them there is no science. Well almost!
Trying to define science is like trying to define an unknown world! Words fail to cope with the depth and enormity of it! People try to say something but still I feel all those words can't really describe what it is!

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.

In science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the reasoning of a single individual - Galileo Galilei

You learn from other people, and then … the frontiers of science are pushed back … gradually through similar ant-like persistence by scientists.

The philosopher of science is concerned with “Science” rather than a particular field of science. As well, some philosophers are more concerned with an idealized picture of science as an optimally rational knowledge building activity. Philosophy of science is aimed at answering different questions than the working scientist is trying to answer. The goal of philosophy of science is not to answer scientific questions, but to answer questions about science.

“It is the temper of the hot and superstitious part of mankind in matters of religion ever to be fond of mysteries and for that reason to like best what they understand least.” - Newton

Science can be neither conquered nor defended by armies and its advancement will change the way humans govern themselves. Science cannot be controlled or arrested. Science doesn't respect distances or frontiers or laws. The major thing is the world is becoming ungovernable. The real force in our time is no longer politics, but science. And science took away the strengths of politics. Citizens now must be persuaded rather than ordered in this new age of knowledge - Israeli President Shimon Peres
Science is still in its infancy. It still has to grow a lot, learn a lot, study a lot, experiment a lot and think a lot! How can a child answer all your questions and solve all your problems? Who knows what it grows to be like? - Krishna

“Science is this wonderfully self-correcting enterprise. Ideas that are wrong get weeded out in time because they are not fruitful or because they are leading us to dead ends. That happens in a wonderfully internal way. People continue to work on what they find fascinating, and science meanders toward truth.” - Greene

Science is fun, exciting and increasingly relevant in our daily lives.

'Science, far from destroying the beauty and romance of the world as seen by artists, musicians and writers, enhances it by revealing the underlying reasons and purposes' – McConnell .

Replace the fear of unknown with curiosity.

Technology without wisdom brings destruction by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

“Those who do not know the torment of the unknown cannot have the joy of discovery.”

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology,
in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology”
- Carl Sagan

It's still not clear how much Edison or Gates actually invented - but I think it is far less than what their credited with! - Anonymous

My country is the Earth, and I am a citizen of the world said Eugene V. Debs - but science taught me to have a universal outlook and I prefer to say I am a bird of this universe! - Krishna

Nothing is so fatal to the progress of the human mind as to suppose our views of science are ultimate; that there are no mysteries in nature; that our triumphs are complete; and there are no new worlds to conquer - Humphrey Davy

If there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? Spirit of Enquiry - Stephen Hawking

I'm writing books about things that I care about, telling the stories that I think matter to our culture and our culture is more and more about scientific things - James Gleick

To get to grips with scientific and technical things often requires asking smart people a lot of dumb questions - James Gleick

To the natural philosopher, there is no natural object unimportant or trifling... a mind that has once imbibed a taste for scientific enquiry has within itself an inexhaustible source of pure and exciting contemplations - William Herschel

Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from - Jodie Foster

"One of the most common misconceptions about science is that it isn't creative — that it is inflexible, prescribed or boring. Actually, creativity is a crucial part of how we do science"!

The nouns "creativity" and "imagination" have too often been co-opted by the arts world, though they fit naturally in any arena where people use their brains and that includes science.

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)

Science is a Puzzle and Adventure.

Innovations that drive lasting economic growth emerge from the most....” — Susan Hockfield, president of MIT, speaking to the annual meeting of the National Governors Association.

Everybody is handed a coupon for scientific knowledge at birth. Many have forgotten to redeem theirs.

I am one of those who think like Nobel, that humanity will draw more good than evil from new discoveries - Marie Curie

Scientists who are believers have to be “religious rationalists” to proceed forward in science! They would also somehow have to get right the relationship between the natural and the supernatural.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clark

Those of us who are trained in the sciences look at problems differently. We are more analytical and less ready to accept what appears to be the obvious answer.

Science isn't something that should threaten you but should excite you.

“Intellectual integrity made it quite impossible for me to accept the myths and dogmas of even very great scientists, more particularly of the belligerent and so-called advanced nations. Indeed, those intellectuals who accepted them were abdicating their functions for the joy of feeling themselves at one with the herd.”— Bertrand Russell 1872-1969.

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘eureka!’ but ‘that's funny’” - Isaac Asimov

". . . my work, which I've done for a long time, was not pursued in order to gain the praise I now enjoy, but chiefly from a craving after knowledge, which I notice resides in me more than in most other men. And therewithal, whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof." - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (Letter of June 12, 1716)

Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. ~Huxley

Physicist Richard Feynman: “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

Carl Sagan once wrote: “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

Einstein once wrote that for a scientist, “religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law” and that “this feeling is the guiding principle of his life and work.”

Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is profound source of spirituality. When we recognise our place in an immensity of light years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual - Carl Sagan

The great strength of science is its openness to scrutiny, to examination and self-correction. Science, not politics or corporations, provides by far the best assessment of the way the world works, and the information that we need to decide how we must act.

My confidence in venturing in science lies in my belief that as in science so in Buddhism, understanding the nature of reality is pursued by means of critical investigation: if scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims - The XIV Dalai Lama

"Science isn't a matter of trying to prove something – it is a matter of trying to figure out how you are wrong and trying to find your mistakes."- Saul Perlmutter -The man who discovered that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

Royal Society’s motto: “Nullius in Verba”, or “Nobody’s word is final”.

Richard Feynman: “I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong”.

Discovery is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought - Albert Von SzentGyorgi

People who reject science as a relevant subject are afraid. Science is so truthful, so powerful at stripping away illusions and falsehoods and folk understandings. Dan Donnet described  Darwinism as " universal acid", dissolving everything it comes in contact with ( eating through all other thought-systems and radically transforming them ), but he might as well have been talking about Science   in general.

Science has made us Gods even before  we are worthy of being men - Jean Rostand

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom - Issac Asimov

The purpose of scientific research is not to please you, but to help you learn.

Statistics are no substitute for judgment. — Henry Clay

"But they do help you to make yours!"- Krishna

What does science have to teach about innovation? It draws on a rich experience, including failures, on the long and winding road to success — and to amazing possibilities.

''I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.''

"Look both ways. For the road to a knowledge of the stars leads through the atom; and important knowledge of the atom has been reached through the stars."
— Arthur Eddington, British astrophysicist

Religion is a crutch for people who can't think for themselves

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination - John Dewey

" The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible."-Einstein

"All physical theories... ought to lend themselves to so simple a description that even a child could understand them."-- Albert Einstein

"Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved." - Tim Minchin

"Without speculation there is no good and original observation" -Charles Darwin

“Evolution is so simple, almost anyone can misunderstand it,” said philosopher David Hull.

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.” – Dr. Alexis Carrel, French born American surgeon, biologist, and winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize

Scientists who accept funding have to strike a delicate balance when they pitch their work to society—they need to promise definite results, while acknowledging that there are no guarantees in science. If they promise too much, it looks like pandering; if they don’t promise enough, then they’re asking the government to pay for their intellectual hobby. Every scientist knows how this game is played.

Science and culture: Science is an integral part of culture. It is not this foreign thing, done by an arcane priesthood. It is one of the glories of the human intellectual tradition - Stephen Jay Gould.

“Science is not a body of facts,” says geophysicist Marcia McNutt, who once headed the U.S. Geological Survey and is now editor of Science, the prestigious journal. “Science is a method for deciding whether what we choose to believe has a basis in the laws of nature or not.”

Science is not a cultural trend, it is not a political weapon. Science is science, plain and simple. 

George Sarton: “The great intellectual division of mankind is not along geographical or racial lines, but between those who understand and practice the experimental method and those who do not understand and do not practice it.”


“Funding scientific research is buying an insurance policy for a be...

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What are the values that are particular to scientists? Well, as scientists, we conduct our work with integrity and research ethics, intellectual honesty and sensible judgment. These values that are part of the ‘scientific method’ cannot be taught; they are both intangible and elusive, and are gradually acquired during one’s scientific training. Scientists are also problem-solvers, trained to think critically to resolve issues. These skills are particularly valuable in diplomatic endeavors, where tensions and differences need to be overcome, and where emotions and personal opinions need to be left aside so that agreements can be reached. Thus, science may act as a ‘soft power’, to establish lasting dialogue, and eventually peace and security between nations, in a way politics cannot. 

This is an exciting time to be doing research, as thriving technologies across different fields are offering unprecedented opportunities worldwide. So why not take our scientific training and use it to achieve another type of ‘greater good’ than pure scientific discovery?

"Science Diplomacy"

The problem with the phrase "just a theory," is that it implies a real scientific theory is a small thing, and it isn't.

Members of the general public (along with people with an ideological axe to grind) hear the word "theory" and equate it with "idea" or "supposition." We know better. Scientific theories are entire systems of testable ideas which are potentially refutable either by the evidence at hand or an experiment that somebody could perform. The best theories (in which I include special relativity, quantum mechanics, and evolution) have withstood a hundred years or more of challenges, either from people who want to prove themselves smarter than Einstein, or from people who don't like metaphysical challenges to their world view. Finally, theories are malleable, but not infinitely so. Theories can be found to be incomplete or wrong in some particular detail without the entire edifice being torn down. Evolution has, itself, adapted a lot over the years, but not so much that it wouldn't still be recognize it. The problem with the phrase "just a theory," is that it implies a real scientific theory is a small thing, and it isn't.


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