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Ancient Art Depicting space machines & astronauts!

Ancient Astronauts ?

Recently, the National Geographic Channel aired a show called Is
It Real?
, which investigates the possibility of ancient astronauts
having visited earth hundreds and maybe even thousands of years ago.
The show offered some compelling evidence. The proof, or lack thereof, is
to be found in old paintings and artifacts. Actually, it's not the
evidence that is in question, since it’s authentic, but rather what the
evidence depicts. Are these really ancient UFO’s? Or, are these merely
man-made gods which were drawn in respect, which we interpret today as
extraterrestrials? We will let you decide.

The oldest so-called evidence for the ancient astronaut theory is a drawing in Val Camonica,
Italy, estimated to be over 12,000 years old. It is carved on a rock
near a cave and looks as if it depicts two astronauts holding tools

Supposedly, more evidence exists. This here is a hieroglyphic in Egypt, painted on a 3,000 year old ceiling in
Abydos, a New-Kingdom Temple. It is called Vimanas, meaning a
mythological flying machine in Sanskrit. The
image looks as if it depicts various, state of the art flying machines.
One even looks like a modern helicopter. The others could be interpreted
as a zeppelin, jumbo-jet, and even a flying vehicle.

This fresco, from 1350, known as “The Crucifixion”, depicts Jesus on the
cross being observed by two hovering crafts. The painting is housed in
the Visoki Dečani Monastery, in Kosovo.

And finally, a fresco painting from the fourteenth century called “Madonna
and Child”, showing what clearly resembles a flying saucer in the
background. Our zoomed in image reveals that the UFO-like object has
portholes and other very sophisticated technological dynamics, including
lights and a set of antennas. Does this painting reveal a connection
between the Christian religion, Jesus Christ, and extraterrestrials?

We are skeptical, but we will admit that these fantastic pictures shake
even the most adamant skeptic. Anyone who doubts the existence of UFO’s
will give it at least a second, more serious thought. It should be kept
in mind that every drawing in this article comes from a very
technologically primitive time – compared to our 21st century. Yet, the
images clearly portray objects which we consider, by even our 21st
century standards, as extremely advanced and technologically superior.
What exactly is going on? This is an answer none of us can give… yet.

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