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I present some possibilities of ways to increase communication, relating to the fine art in order to experience the psychological growth influencing.

In essence my research have been developed at the intersection of fields:

Binocular rivalry, Colour fusion Helmholtz and Stereoscopy.

Compositions that have been achieved using methods that have resulted from my research include effects that distinguish using names:

Psychophysical mixture of colors, retinal cooperation, antispace in art, spatial harmony, bispace in art, psychic cycle, dynamics of space depth, spatial disharmony, hyperrealistic effects, hiatus in art, visual gradient, hyperspace in art, field binocular rivalry.

Some of these have not been experienced by humans yet.

The man is confronted for the first time with some of these effects.

Some people who have look normal, not aware than some of the effects.

In some cases it takes training to acquire skills of awareness.


Some of these using other methods, can achieve similar effects to look with one eye,  or the normal contemplation, but psychophysiological structures react differently  in case bioptical composition.

Fig. 1 L. Iliescu – Study G –oil on canvas -74x100 cm

Desert phantom

Colour fusion, Stereoscopy


Stereo-binogram (arranged for crossed-eye viewing)

Fig.2 Detail of figure 1

Dominant effect is the fusion colored Helmholtz

(in combination, black and blue colors)

Appears a mild flashing, which attests  the effect of binocular rivalry
In this situation we can consider a  psychical kinetic cause of static forms (the time resulting in the painting)

Is essential that you fuse with crossed eyes 

 Description of training for  ”Crossed-eye viewing”

 See  12. Visual-sense-storming 

 in paragraph Some of the adopted techniques


To see my position in the overall context of the theme for fine art, which is on Google, post:

fine art colour fusion helmholtz ; fine art binocular rivalry

fine art binocular rivalry science  ;  fine art visual sense stereoscopy


fine art visual sense pictures


See references: 12.Visual-sense –storming ; The paired off visual signal  Liviu Iliescu

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