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Psychic life: activity; intelligence; affectivity

Psychic life:  activity;  intelligence; affectivity.

Huge advances in the sciences are to decrease the influence of social the component of affectivity.
  This causes an imbalance negatively on the people.
  As is known fine art is one of the means which should be used, especially for reducing the stress.
In this regard I believe the practice of Bioptical Art have advantages.


Psychic life; extract from The paired off visual signal Liviu Iliescu (link);

 6. Aspects relative to the applications of plastic arts in psychoth...  

As is known, man’s psychic life has three fields: activity, intelligence and affectivity. The last one comprises feelings, emotions, passions. They all coexist inseparably. Yet we may take into account the fact that we  become aware of some being dominant or having a higher share. I may state that, in the case of the Bioptical Art, the share of affectivity increases in comparison with the case of the known abstract art. This statement should be pointed out to specialists in psychology.

      The shares in psychic life related to fine art may be presented as in the graphs of figures 1. and .  (approximations for enlightening ideas).




Fig. 1 




Figure 1 Graph of the Bioptical Art.

Figure 2 Graph of known abstract art.

1 – activity; 2 – intelligence; 3 affectivity.

My research mainly refers to abilities training for some primitive perceptions.

Applying methods that I describe will gain abilities
for primitive perceptions - rehabilitating attributes from
phylogenesis - from being who have eyes put aside and the other side of the head .

(for example, today we see this position, to pigeons and to swans)



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Comment by Marcel Charest on March 29, 2012 at 4:57pm

Nobody is perfect. For one, I try to know my defaults and proprieties, accept them and work with them and finally keep them in mind  when I have to judge something.

   I like very much your knowledge, your insight. One, ounce, said: "All that is clear is enounced clearly." For me, I think human beings are always stucked between two waters; always in not so clear environment. They have to choose, and it is a lot of work. There seems to be no human absolute; or is it the only absolute that exists. That is the middle between the two waters... All that makes it not simple to live, we have to choose. When we think we made the right choices, we think we are in harmony and we are happy. Freedom of choice is something very important to us; it seems to be a must if we want to live and exist as an individual entity.  Funny how we are more conscious of our entity when we are in contact with other entities.  Finally, we are often in a fog, even in full sunshine amd try to make the best out of it.

   I see I am not as learned as you, but I appreciate a lot that you take time to speak with me. Your have evident schoolteacher's habilities.


   I am relatively new to bioptical art and I am a person that tastes and chews a lot before eating, eventhouth I have a good appetite.


  Permit me to say that it shows in the choice of the words we use that you are more a scientific than an artist and that I am more an artist than a scientific, when we communicate. I enjoy very much theese exchanges, it gives me the feeling we are adressing more the essence of our being, not just the temperature of the day.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on March 29, 2012 at 5:58am

I found this interesting article and I am sure you would like it too:

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