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Bioptical Art ; initiation ; paragraph 2



Bioptical painting requires vertical placement   the pair of components
 (one under another)

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 Figure SB10 (a); (b). When seen with naked eye, a bioptical composition may look like that in figure SB10 (a). In this composition, field (Fd) shows a shape different from that of field (Fs), yet both have in common a circle. When looking with the right eye through the bioptical device while the left eye is naked, the image observed is diversified into three fields, namely: field (Fd), field (Fs) superimposed on field (Fd), denoted by (Fs+Fd) in the middle and (Fs)in the lower part. In all these fields the circle is seen. In the virtual field (Fs+Fd) there is a common area, delimited by the outline surrounding the circle.

Iliescu Liviu;  Initiation into bioptical art: metavirtual images; Monitorul Oficial, Bucharest, 2005, 87 pages. ISBN 973-567-472-6. (monograph)



I recommend for the exercises  the techniques that I describe in chapter:

Link;  8. About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics


We know about “variations on a theme” in music. Variations are introduced in a certain theme in point of melody (to a certain extent), rhythm, relative values of the notes, harmony. Some composers are known to revive the works of other musicians, as a homage. It is also known that composers use to introduce cadences of their own in the concertos created by others.

The bioptical art permits to introduce similar modalities, as I shall show in the following lines. Many compositions of the modern plastic art succeed in conveying only a little of the artist’s sensitivity. They have a high entropic degree. Art critics try to cover the distance between the artist and the recipient subject. I provide the opportunity to introduce in well-known compositions a different type of wordless comments,  with the help of bioptical means. They may complement known types of visual psychotherapy with beneficial effects.




Suprematism: promoter – Kazimir Malevich

I have tried to interpret the space created by Malevich, by triggering sensations liable to direct communication, by convergent vision, without the agency of conventions.




Fig. 8.1 Kazimir Malevich, Blue triangle and black rectangle. 65.5 X 57 cmAmsterdam, Stedelijk Museum

(Dictionnaire de la Peinture – Larousse, 1993)


Bioptical interpretation  (One should view with crossed eyes)









Figure 8.2. The vertex of the triangle dives into the black field of the rectangle.

Figure 8.3.  The triangle floats towards the observer, detaching itself from the rectangle.

Figure 8.4. There occurs an effect of colour rivalry; the rectangle seems to dematerialize. (and effect of colour fusion Helmholtz)



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