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Experiences for compositions of fine art forms in space

 Proposals are in the experimental phase.

I considered as shown in figure 8,9 bi-optical causes hallucinatory! effects

I applied more stimuli from   Binoccular rivalry, Colour fusion ,  Stereoscopy,

making its synergistic action in examples of fine art compositions, stimuli that I called bi-optical


I make additions to what I wrote about their application in sculpture (see link)

About dioptica-bioptical: Visual sense, Hyper-stereoscopy (c)


Applying in fine art my knowledge of optics, I insist in

  compositions that activate dominant sensations

These techniques would be of interest to artists and researchers in science.

I agreed assumption that the skill the awareness binocular rivalry test result from

 activation of phylogenesis


    For references I posted the following keywords, resulting sites:


  binocular rivalry philogenetic

Subcortical discrimination of unperceived objects during ...


Extract certifying results in scientific activities:

 We used binocular rivalry to present stimuli without conscious awareness, thereby eliminating the IT object representation and isolating subcortical visual input to the amygdala. Functional magnetic resonance imaging revealed significant brain activation in the left amygdala but not in object-selective IT in response to unperceived fearful faces

compared to unperceived nonface objects. These findings 


 In aceasta cercetare

s-au folosit  testele  penru studii de binocular rivalry,  ale lui R. Blake  :


                           Fig. 1 ;  Test:  R.Blake

                                 Look crossed eyes

   Appears alternately portrait or mosaic at intervals of ~ 5 seconds.

  At this time, without intervention, produces a mixture of the two images.


binocular rivalry phylogenetic perspective

 [PDF]Identifying Hallmarks of Consciousness in Non-Mammalian ...



I communicate a new type of object intended to be considered

  as part of the class fine art compositions,

artistic object that could be called Bi-optical Sculpture


   In what follows I fill explanations about  bi-optical sculpture, describing

results of recent experiments.


Elements, the composition forms (sculpture), are such that when viewed by

     bi-optic device occurs the feeling that the depth increases tens of times,

       associated with binocular rivalry effects and color fusion.


I agree that believes that any new way that induces

dominance of visual communications sensation must experienced in perspective

of taking over in science and art movements.



 Compositions of fine art in which it would be possible observe the ...


Bi-optical Sculpture is a conventional composition with changes resulting from the application

stimuli that are applied in the fields,  binocula rivalry, color fusion, stereoscopy,resulting the composition

shown in figure 2, in simplified form.


 Fig 2 Sketch for Sculpture bi-optical


sd; Ss; spaces that will sit forms with bi-optical effects

Tc-Tc; two forms placed in the same vertical plane

Td-Td; two forms placed in the same vertical plane,

     at, distance in depth relative to the vertical plane

     they are placed Tc, Tc.

  C-C, D-D; conical space for conventional sculptural forms, with the base

   Td-Td; Tc -Tc

H-H: support for settlement sculptural forms

L-R; eyes of the observer (subject receiver)

B; bi-optical device (monocular stereoscope!)


Using bi-optical device, are induced in composition, depth virtual dozens of times greater

than the real distance between planes Tc and Td-Td-Tc


About dioptica-bioptical: Visual sense, Hyper-stereoscopy (c)


 Forme pentru sculpturi bi-optice


Fig. 3



 Fig. 4


 Scheme executed at the scale for positioning sculptural forms

in  the composition of space


     Fig 5



Projections on horizontal planes



 Fig. 6   

 1- the observation on the right; 2- observation on the left; result

sub-spaces: 4 C-C; D-D (figure 2)

when it can sculpt shapes developed without restrictions;

to decrease the length M (space observatory) grow all sub-spaces denoted by 4;

when looking through bi-optical device, the real depth of N,

appears transposed in virtually with the depth of tens of times higher.





Option for displaying in exhibitions; 1- sculpture;

2- screen, which has the window indicated at 3, to produce contrast in observing by bi-optical device,

window in which it is possible to intoduce a glass filter (stained glass), depending on

artistic concept; 4 - socket

The distance D is increased according to increasing distance N, thus the pair components

be observed with the same angle.


 Fig. 8

From space M (Figure 6) with the naked eye observer sees flat bases, Tc-Tc; Td-Td,

with paintings, and through bi-optical device will notice the increase of ~ tens of times

depth, in, the virtual space


Fig. 9

 The settlement on horizontal the fields to see with eyes crossed bi-optical effects:

 binocular rivalry, color fusion, stereoscopy

Observation distance  50… 100 cm,



   Fig.10  ;

This composition represents variations on the theme  Hirst's spots

  1 panel; 2, 3 - sculptural components, 4, 5 supports

8. About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics



We know about "variations on a theme" in music. Variations are introduced in a certain theme in point of melody (to a certain extent), rhythm, relative values of the notes, harmony. Some composers are known to revive the works of other musicians, as a homage. It is also known that composers use to introduce cadences of their own in the concertos created by others. 
The bi-optical art permits to introduce similar modalities, as I shall show in the following lines. Many compositions of the modern plastic art succeed in conveying only a little of the artist's sensitivity. They have a high entropic degree. Art critics try to cover the distance between the artist and the recipient subject. I provide the opportunity to introduce in well-known compositions a different type of wordless comments, with the help of bioptical means. They may complement known types of visual psychotherapy with beneficial effects. 




Fig.11 Damien Hirst’s  spots




I have described constructive details relative to   optical composition, in:

 see links

 Elemente geometrice in Arta Bioptica 

 Geometrical elements in bioptical art 



I adds completions regarding some geometrical characteristics

of bi-optical sculpture.




 In  bi-optical painting (figure 1), double forms are placed

vertically at the same distance H,

(between centers K; ~ of gravity) so that they are seen with the same angle α.


In bi-optic sculpture, shown in figure 7, increasing the depth virtual

is done by introducing in sculpture conventional the

bases, Tc-Tc; Td-Td.


  In  bi-optical culpture distance varies depending on the distance N,

 so that from C (the place the observer), the angle of observation, shapes,

Tc-Tc to be equal to the angle of observation   shapes of Td-Td, resulting distance D.

  The angles are equal when the two chords, formed in the circular arc α2, are equal

Differences are tolerated at angles up to 0.25 deg 

Tolerance is the norm binocular optical appliances


  Fig 13

  Applying the method of Figure 14 can compose complex sculptural forms,

  eg pyramid trunks and cones trunks  B, and

  cones, tending to form spiral.

I deduced this form but I have not experienced this; I do not have

appropriate technical knowledge.

  Course can be designed computer programs, and possibly mechanical processing on automatic

  cars with program.


I believe that these methods are helpful, but it is recommended that artist

  sculpt using traditional techniques, step by step, so that he felt every moment

  as is confirmed by its artistic sensibility


Bi-optical device





1 the plate the base

2 lever by turning, getting vertical movement of the right eye image

3 fixed mirror

4 mirror fixed to the lever 2; 3 + 4 forms a vertical periscope

5 adjuster screw

6 button to lock lever 2

7 diaphragm; piece that contains a form to support the forehead.


Verlapping, real image with virtual image obtained 3 + 4 mirrors, rotating lever 2, which has an axis of rotation YY, perpendicular to   the plate the base  1                             being that the screw axis 9.

When observing a disorder, to the overlap images  the rotation screw 5

around the axis XX, which is in the plane motherboard 1,

ensure appropriate control

The two axes ensure the correct overlay images.

ensure appropriate control.

The two axes ensure the correct overlay images.



In over 50 years of study I created several variants of devices for the contemplation of bi-optical images.

This is the latest design.


The device was executed in several copies of my friend Petrica Damian

   with bricolage tools.

I will distribute free to people who want to apply bi-optical techniques.

  If there are numerous requests, for obtaining such devices, I have to recommend a professional workshop.



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