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Very often we artists will be in a world of our own. When an idea grips us - we feel as if our minds are on fire. Yes, they start burning!
I am in several creative fields. I am also in the field of science which has me completely in its grip. When I want to find out something- for days, months and years I cut off the whole world. I become very absent-minded (my
painting "The mind of a scientist" describes this well. You can see it here: ) Until I get answers to my questions, my curiosity is satisfied, I pursue a problem. Despite warnings from my bosses, I caused two fire accidents in my lab to find out a solution to a problem (Later I was congratulated & complimented for being courageous , confident & determined by the same bosses!) I will be possessed by the thing I am working on. I can't think anything else. I don't care what happens, I don't care what the world thinks about me. To find out what I want will be my only aim. My brain refuses to sleep, eat, drink and do other things than the one that interests it. It doesn't notice things happening in its surroundings. It will be in an excited state. I haven't found anything else that grips me with the same intensity.
Writing comes next in the list. I write my research papers, general articles & sometimes stories & poems. A series of thoughts precede a state of enlightenment. My brain works 24X7 on the topic on hand and forgets about all other things until I complete my work. I will be in a state of trance during this time! It drains a lot of my energy.
Then Art work follows. It won't be as intense as the scientific work and writing. But still I will be in the grip of the theme of the work I am doing for some days. I usually write my plan and description on paper as I cannot do my art work as soon as I get the theme. I do the work whenever I find time for my art work.
I am also a designer of a few things.. Fortunately these things don't occupy much space in my mind. So whenever I am in a lighter mood, I go for these types of creative work. I pursue them as only hobbies.
Do my artist friends too feel the same way as I do? My friend Minnie mentioned it in another discussion & used the word "grip". She said she too feels the same way while doing art works. Although I was working on this article, I didn't know till then that this experience was termed as "GRIP".

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