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In search of a safe home

Why is the Royal Bengal Tiger visiting the Football stadium? To play football? “No”, is the answer. Then why is it here? Let us hear the answer from the mouth of the tiger itself.

“Hello, Homo sapiens, are you scared to see me here? You are, I am pretty sure. That is why you ran away. But why am I here?

I am here in search of a safe home. Because, men, you destroyed my home, killed my family members and friends. In desperation we – me and some of my friends – ran away. We went to your homes, stole your cattle because we were hungry. But you weren’t bothered. Seriously watching cricket and football matches. We destroyed your crops, attacked your friends. Still you were enjoying Chelsea meeting Manchester United. Our members here are dwindling and we are on the brink of extinction. But, we want to live. We want help. We need a safe home. So I thought a football stadium is the best place to attract your attention. Because, as long as I am in the stadium, people will notice me and my plight, and I came here as a last resort. So, man, give me back my home and family. Then only I will leave this place. Till then I’ll make the football stadium my home. Any objection? ”

So, I painted the picture of a Tiger In a football stadium!

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on April 25, 2015 at 7:36am

Is there enough genetic variability to maintain healthy populations? Are existing populations genetically isolated and doomed to extinction? The WCS India Program and its partners in the National Centre for Biological Sciences and Wildlife Institute of India have been using conservation genetics to answer these crucial questions and more. This has unveiled many fascinating aspects of tiger genetics, at a global to a local scale.
To begin with, our collaborative research has established that Indian tigers still retain more than 60 percent of the global genetic diversity. This highlights the importance of the tiger population in India to the survival of the species worldwide.
Along the Tiger’s Trail: Genetic Studies Aid Conservation



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