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The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy (intersection)

  The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy 

Edited by A.C. Grayling, Naomi Goulder, and Andrew Pyle

This is the first comprehensive reference work devoted to philosophy in Britain. In addition to biographical entries on the lives and works of individual thinkers, it incorporates major historical surveys of the core philosophical topics, mini factual entries to facilitate reference, and detailed entries on themes, movements, institutions, journals, influences and theories through the ages. The Encyclopedia brings together 2,500 entries contributed by over 500 international experts. It is a unique resource for students and specialists to tap into the development and transmission of philosophical ideas over time, across disciplines, and to and from other countries.

The Encyclopedia employs a broad construal of “philosophy” in line with historical usage, making it a source of continuities, connections and paths for future inquiry. It is a highly important database for teaching and research in philosophy, as well as in history, science, literature, religion, politics, psychology, sociology and economic.


I established techniques and criteria for applying the concept of Continuum in fine art



Bi-optical (Di-optical) Art; a continuum in fine art

Started by Liviu Iliescu.

  I consider a continuum in fine art the fact that

any bi-optic composition contains almost entirety a

conventional composition, whatever the style in which the latter is obtained.

   In set theory it is believed that two sets is a continuum

if they have at least one common element.

  It is not conceivable types of developments in fine art available if they are not recognized

by professional artists and experts, that they are holders of accumulation of knowledge of millennia.

 In fine art assessments need arises Googel consultation, who shows huge files automatically

 in order of value, applying to each title hundreds of criteria.


Thus consulting field:

 fine art visual sense images.


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Comment by Liviu Iliescu on February 2, 2017 at 10:49am

The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy (intersection)  complement to the book:

 Following my work in technical studies , benefiting from the support of my publications in SCI-ART LAB appeared my book in online:

  Liviu Iliescu Visual Sense Storming; Amazon  Kindle 



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