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All these years I have been saying over and over again that creating art is much, much more easier for me than doing scientific research because this is my personal experience. But at the same time my mind also started wondering why some artists don't agree with me.

I read somewhere that Art is the process of complicating simple things and Science is the process of simplifying complicated things! If this is true, are artists making a simple task complicated? Or is it ego and self-respect or love for their field that is making them say art too is complicated? Or is it really complicated like the artists say? Is something wrong with my creative thinking process - as I am not a trained artist - for me to make it so simple? Or because of my training in science, am I trying to make  art too easy unlike artists? Now I really want to get to the bottom of the truth.  So I am going to put the creative process under the microscope. I am going to subject it to thorough analysis.  I need the help of my trained artist friends to find out what I really want. 

So all my artist friends who say creative thinking processes are as complex as scientific research, please tell me why this is so. Just don't make mere statements. Don't put only your beliefs, thoughts, opinions and ideas before me.  Provide solid proof and make me accept them. If art is so complex, explain to me how  some people can create 2-4 pieces per day! Art is an exploration of visual science with regards to emotions and psychology and many other aspects of our conscious and sub-conscious. But do all these need as deep rational and complicated analysis as scientific research does? I even wonder whether I am putting limits to the potential of these fields by defining a mode of operation onto them. Am I, really?

Tell me how you conceive your creative ideas. Show me how you use logic to make them grow. The most important part of the process I want to know in detail is what roles reasoning and rationale play in your creativity to what depth and why. Is imagination so difficult to achieve? Take me to the depths of your minds. Show me how your gray cells work. Give me your time frames to reach conclusions and start the actual creative process starting from conception to delivery with evidence. Take me through the complexity of the whole  matter. Make me realize your hypothesis that scientific and artistic thought processes are similar to each other. And convince me creating art is as complex as discovering and inventing something new in science.

My mind is open. Go ahead and enrich it. I really want to correct myself if I am wrong in my thinking.

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Ah, well done Krishna! You have again brought before us the vast differences between the thinking processes of artists and scientists. Now let us see how the artists can do this. Saying something using all your vocal power is different from actually proving it with mind power.


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