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Qs people asked me on science and my replies to them - Part 148 - Haunting Technology!

With the advent of digital technology, people are facing several problems. Let us hear from human minds what these issues are and how they are interpreting them in strange ways with their culturally conditioned minds...

First the Qs I faced ...

Q: Can smart phones be haunted?

Q: Can technology be haunted?

Q: Can cars be haunted?

Q: Can computers be haunted?

Krishna: What?! ( That was my immediate reaction to the questions, a year back).

But a few days back when some people again asked me these questions, I thought I should take this problem seriously as people around are giving silly replies to the questions. Before answering them myself, I allowed people to talk about their perception based world. This is what they said and my replies to them:

A: “Demons” are body less, entirely spiritual entities capable of inhabiting objects, places and who knows what else. The game-changer however is INVITATION. They are only able to cause harm (IF AND ONLY IF) they receive an invite from someone. So if you invite them to reside in your smart phone, they would!

Yes a smartphone can be “haunted” but its just a pathway. A person is responsible whether the inter-leading doors are open or remain closed.

Krishna: I invited spirits after hearing you out, to but funnily they refused to visit my home and my phone. Maybe they are afraid of this demon queen! :) I open my doors for all demons to come in. Please do come and infest my phone too! I need evidence to tell people. Spirits please provide it if you really exist.  Why don't I get a reaction from you? Why are you so silent? 

B: Anything can be haunted at the discretion of the dark world, as long as it is a convenient tool for them. Smartphones, Technology is a thing of the dark world. They created and designed all these gadgets that we are using, why wouldn’t they use their belongings to haunt people. These days I am experiencing difficulties when trying to start an online business, apply for anything or get involved in projects online that involves money. I can fill up everything that is required, but at the end of it all ,then it’s always “oops” an error occurred”! No matter how many times I try, it’s been a futile excercise. This is the work of spirits on technology!

Krishna: 'Work of spirits on technology'? Not errors in software? Oh, my, what an interpretation!

C: My TV sometimes behaves funnily. It makes strange noices. And shows dots, lines, white light and squares. There must be a spirit living inside it!

Krishna:  The dots you're seeing is the light from the LED backlight. In front of the backlight there's a plastic cylinder very casually glued over it ( LG) that diffuses the light, when that drops you see the LED light directly projected onto the screen which causes the white spots.

You just have to dismantle it (not too hard), buy some glue and paste those plastic pieces back.

Sometimes your digital set top box might malfunction because of errors in software. That gives lines , squares and dots on the TV screen. Get it checked by a techie if you face the problem. This is 'digital exorcism'. :)

D: Any object can potentially be haunted, I think this is fairly rare but again, can occur. For example, if the phone was owned by a dear friend of yours who died a tragic death with it on his/her body they may try to communicate with you using it or some other means. Another possibility from my own personal experience was a demon that followed me home from a cleansing I did in another person’s home to get rid of it. It would mess with the landline and mobile phones making them ring in an odd way, sometimes nobody would be there, sometimes we’d hear disembodied voices.

Yes a smartphone can potentially become haunted, as can a car, doll, jacket, television, watch, cane, motorcycle, etc.

Krishna: Have you heard about blank calls? Or abandoned and silent calls? These are common.

An abandoned call is one that is terminated when you pick up the receiver. Instead of a person on the other end of the line you hear an information message from the organisation that is trying to call you.

A silent call is where you receive a call but you can hear nothing and have no means of knowing whether anyone is at the other end of the line.

Most abandoned and silent calls are not necessarily made deliberately but can be caused by the use of technology by organisations to maximise the amount of time their calling agents spend speaking to consumers.

The majority of abandoned calls are caused by automated calling systems known as diallers.

These diallers, mainly used in call centres, dial telephone numbers automatically and connect people to call centre agents as soon as the phone is answered.

But diallers may not always work as intended. For example, if the dialler makes a call but there is no call centre agent on hand to deal with it, you might receive an abandoned call.

Silent calls can occur, for example, when the technology used by call centres to detect answer-machines mistakes you answering for an answering machine, and cuts off the call without playing an information message, or you hearing anything.

Sometimes you hear cross talks, i.e., others' conversation. I did, not once but  twice! Crosstalk is being able to hear a conversation on a telephone line from another line, or a station on a phone system from another station. ... If crosstalk is on real phone lines, even if it's not heard by the telco repairman, their automated tests should show a problem with the line you're reporting it on.

Crosstalk is caused by coupling, the transfer of electrical energy between conductors. ... Inductive coupling occurs when the current in one conductor induced a similar current in another conductor. Conductive coupling occurs when there is physical contact between conductors.

No demon or devil is calling you :)

E: How can a car start on its own if a spirit doesn't handle it?

Krishna: They must be self-driving cars! :) Or if you leave a car on a road that is slanting, it would move on its own down the road. 

These days technology is digitally controlled. 

Car starters are put in like this. 
The chip that is in your key is taped somewhere in your vehicle close enough to the ignition switch to activate it when you send a signal from your remote. Some cars when they are started will unlock the door. If someone had a bunch of car starter key fobs they could target a car they know has a remote start and attempt to get into the car. Not every car starter is protected with code inscription and some received can be over ridden with a more powerful signal even if it isn’t the right one.Also sometimes when the battery in your key fob gets low it will send out impulse bursts without the button being pressed.

There are a number of different reasons for remotely controlled automobiles, TVs, etc. seemingly turning on or starting by themselves - actually too many real possibilities to even list. Whatever happened just remember that the car is never totally off as in the old days - just look at that little blinking light for the anti-theft system on the dash - it's alive!! So, since the automobile is listening to the outside world anything can - and probably does - happen occasionally.

Of course, anything man builds, no matter how well intended, will always have glitches, breakdowns, etc. Even the smartest and brightest people still make a mistake now and then. So why can't technology?

There are cars now that can be started from a remote location. If somebody can hack your car's software, they can control it in any way they want! 

The TV is generally infrared and the remotes sometimes do weird things when the batteries get low. Also, modern TV sets are never really off - so all kinds of strange happenings are possible.

No, spirits are not invading or controlling them :)

F:  Your own negative or stressed energy can definitely affect electronics. After all, everything is energy/vibrations. I was working late in the college computer lab panicking as I was about to print out my due assignment & the computer crashed, making strange patterns on the screen. Some devil has possessed it!

Krishna: It is quite normal for computers to crash if they cannot handle the pressure when technologies don't match.

Computers crash because of errors in the operating system (OS) software or errors in the computer hardware. ... Because the values RAM stores get corrupted unpredictably, it causes random system crashes. The central processing unit (CPU) can also be the source of crashes due to excessive heat.

The five main reasons why computers crash ...

1:  Corrupted System Registry Files

Every Windows-based PC has something called a Windows registry. The registry contains several files that are integral to the performance and operation of your computer. Over time, some of those files can become corrupted, be misplaced or get lost altogether. When that happens, the system registry becomes compromised – and frequent crashes are all-too-common symptoms. The best way to rule this possibility in or out is by running a Windows registry cleaning program. Such programs scan your Windows registry for problems then automatically make repairs. If you run a registry cleaner and the crashes persist, they are probably being caused by a different issue.

2:  Disorganized Files

Windows operating systems handle file organization in a way that isn’t very intuitive. Basically, they break files up and fit them into gaps in the computer’s memory. As time goes by, these disorganized files can prompt frequent crashes. Luckily, a great optimization solution is built right into Windows-based PCs: the disk defragmentation utility. Although its location on a computer varies, you can generally locate it within the System and Security section inside the Control Panel. By running a defrag once every few months, you may be able to keep those pesky computer crashes at bay.

3:  Malicious Software

Malicious software can take many different forms. Sometimes, it’s a virus that is accidentally unleashed after opening a strange email; other times, its adware that tags along with other information that is automatically downloaded from a website. Whatever type it is, there’s no question that malicious software can wreak havoc on a computer’s performance. Happily, there are many topnotch programs out there that regularly scan your computer for the presence of such problems – and that help guard against them, too. Buy one, install it and use it regularly; your crash issues may come to an end.

4:  Too Little Available Memory

When you buy a new computer, it feels like there’s no end to the amount of memory that it has. Of course, this isn’t true at all. As never-ending as the available memory on your PC may initially seem, the fact is that it can be depleted with incredible speed. You can find out for sure by checking the information within “My Computer.” If it appears that your available memory is low, you can use a PC cleanup program to remove unnecessary files; such programs remove things like temporary Internet files and other file debris that can suck away much-needed memory.

5:  Overheating

If you’ve run through all of the preceding possibilities and continue experiencing frequent crashes, a hardware issue could be to blame. An easy one to rule out is overheating. A computer’s CPU, or central processing unit, includes a fan that is designed to keep it running cool. Sometimes, the fan wears down and doesn’t work as efficiently; other times, it’s just not able to handle the work that your computer has to do. In either case, buying a bigger, better fan isn’t very expensive. If it puts an end to your PC crashing problem, it will have been more than worth it.

Hmmm! Sorry to disappoint you, no spirits are involved here too.

G: Yes, my phone is possessed. Sometimes, the spirit inside repeats exactly the same words as I speak into the phone!

Krishna: That annoying echo you sometimes hear in your cell phone, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection or land-line phone could have many causes, and there are solutions to get rid of it. Echo is usually only heard by one of the users on the phone call.

The sound from the microphone in the mouthpiece of your phone can loop back into the phone's earpiece, causing the caller to hear an echo of his own voice. This loop back is often intentional, allowing the caller to hear herself as she speaks, but it becomes a problem when there is a time lag. The echo can also be caused by the sound transmission bouncing back from the recipient's phone or by the sound on the recipient's phone being too loud, causing the received audio to enter the microphone on the mouthpiece of the recipient's phone.

Line echo, also called hybrid or electric echo, is caused by the phone wiring when the signal is returned to the caller rather than ending with the recipient. This happens because the signals aren't separated properly, the line is "unbalanced," or there is a problem with the line, such as water damage or twisted wire. It can also be caused by network hops, which is when the transmission signal jumps between lines to reach its destination. This causes a delay in the signal, which can create a delay in the side tone, or the transmission of the caller's voice to his earpiece.

You can easily fix this echo too. Most phone system operators employ echo cancellation equipment to reduce the possibility of an echo, but there are a few extra steps you can take to eliminate the echo. You can ask the person you are calling to turn down the volume on her phone. You can also hang up the phone and call the person back to get a better transmission. Try taking the phone off the speaker phone setting. Alternatively, try moving from the area where you are experiencing the echo, as it may be caused by sound bouncing off of objects in the room.

No technology is definitely not haunted. It just is your perception caused by your ignorance, fears and conditioning of your mind. Please click on the link provided below and read the article to gain more knowledge about what science says about paranormal activities and get rid of your fears and irrationality: Science and the paranormal

And get rid of that "GHOST IN YOUR HEAD"

Art work by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

( )

Call it stress, frustration, disappointment, baseless belief, fear or anything that makes people incapacitated. Unless & until it is driven out of their heads, people cannot work & move ahead in their lives.

There is a ghost in your head
Not in this physical world
It's making your imagination go wild
Frightening you like a lost child!

Evidence could not be found
Despite scientists' thorough hunt around
It exists only in your fertile story field
And hoaxer's fairyland!

If you don't have a critical mind
All shadows unfold
Into delusionary scaffold
Chase them away with help from the scientific world!

(Based on my art work 'Ghost in the head' and my article Science and the paranormal )

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