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I get all sorts of messages with regard to science.

Majority of them are very supportive of science. But one or two people out of hundred will attack science like hell. Just two days back, I received this message from a post graduate engineer. Now why did I mention his qualifications? Read his message to get an answer ... and then my answer to it ... because I post everything I get from people - including severe criticism - to make people understand what misconceptions persist about science despite our sincere efforts to remove them and how ill informed and closed minded even some people of science and technology are ...

Exact message from this post graduate engineer :  Scientists are stupid. Why don't they realize that science has its limits and that they cannot enter certain realms which are beyond their grasp? 

Black magic exists. I and my family have been suffering because of it for the past several years and   we are unable to come out of it despite taking some  help from several godmen who know about  it inside and out.  Science can't even understand what it is. Scientists can't even think about it. 

Similarly ghosts exist. They have been haunting us for the past five years. Our house is full of evil spirits. Exorcists are trying their best to remove them. All that scientists say is there is no evidence. Accept that you don't know how to find them. Science doesn't have the wherewithal to deal with spirits. Keep away from ghosts or they will  kill you!  

Keep away from things you can't deal with properly. You will get harmed. This is a warning to scientists. 

Krishna: Oh, my.

But I am afraid I will have to deal with them, despite your warning. Why? Because ...

Stop living in an ancient time

Not overcoming mind's inertia is a worst crime

Believing in things that don't have evidence is brain's grime

Going the scientific way is sublime!

Human beings' grey matter has evolved

Their understanding about the universe has advanced

Awareness about things occurring around us increased

Most of natural phenomenon can now be explained!

So stop still hanging on to cave interior

Allow us to light lamps to see things clearer

Science is only reflecting the secrets of this universe like a mirror

To make your understanding cosier!

Put an end to age old thoughts

Come out of these irrational beliefs

We have alternative and best solutions

To all your self-made problems!

Right! Now let me counter you ...

 You said , 'Scientists are stupid!' 

Krishna: If they really are, the synonym for stupidity must be brilliance!

You said, Why don't they realize that science has its limits and flaws and that they cannot enter certain realms which are beyond their grasp?

Krishna: Like I have been saying all the while, science has two aspects.

1. The science this universe followed to come into existence, i.e., scientific principles. This science is flawless and limitless.

2. The process with which we study the universal science. Of course this has limits because of human mind limitations. To overcome the flaws in understanding the natural scientific principles, we have  invented what we call scientific method. Following it  is the best way to reach our goal of going nearer to the flawless  universal scientific principles. The moment our understanding  tallies with universal science, our understanding become flawless too. 

We can try and enter all the realms of this universe. Try to understand everything we encounter in this universe. Who or what can stop us? If we encounter problems, we will try to overcome them, but never stop our quest. 

But if you imagine things, hallucinate things and think that it is reality, science can only explain why this happens  and how to overcome them. Nobody can provide evidence for  imaginations or illusions.  Period. Come out of this delusion. 

You said, Black magic exist. We have been suffering because of it for the past several years. 

Krishna: Your suffering is real but not black magic. 

First get rid of the thought that black magic exists. Because there is no evidence of black magic , according to science.

Then why do people suffer? Because of a psychological effect called “Nocebo”.

Both nocebo and placebo effects are psychogenic. These reactions result from a persons expectations and perceptions of how the substance or something will affect him or her. Negative suggestion can induce symptoms of illness. Nocebo effects are the adverse events that occur during sham treatment and/or as a result of negative expectations.

It usually effects the weak minds.

What is Nocebo Effect?

So, if you believe that black magic can harm you, you ‘feel’ sick. And think everything bad happening in your life is because of it.

It just is your loss of control over the situation you are in, imagination and fear that is affecting you, not black magic. You can accuse some people but that depends on wrong thinking, delusion, animosity, ignorance and other mental conditions. Try to come out of these fears, superstitions and delusions. Learn why something really happens and try to correct the situation using genuine knowledge. Then everything will correct itself.

Only if you get rid of your baseless beliefs, you can get rid of black magic effects. 

Don’t accuse anybody and harm them unnecessarily.

We have been reading several stories in the news papers here that people are killing others suspecting that they are doing black magic to them. This is a real tragedy. Killing somebody for a non-existent reason! Superstitions have reached such a state that you are losing your mind  over them. And slaying your fellow human beings! 

You are also giving your hard earned money to a witch or a quack who says s/he can help you and get fooled. Oh, yes, again if you think the rituals this witch does can remove the spell of black magic, again that psychologically boosts your confidence. But you lose your money for no reason!

Why should you follow the second one, when you can get rid of your fears with the first one without spending any money?

Think about that!

Science and scientists are only trying to bring you out of this pathetic situation where you are losing your money, peace of mind, harbouring criminal thoughts, and delusions. 

If we are tagged as stupid for doing that, it denotes your erroneous thoughts, not reality.

You also say, ghosts exist.

Krishna: I myself investigated several incidents. Many scientists too tried their best.  Read here what they come up with as answers: Science and the paranormal

We are only trying to help you. Please try to come out of your delusions and see things clearly. It reduces your suffering. We can assure you that.

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