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Dealing with negativity has become normal for people of science now. Look at this message I got that says science is responsible for all the problems we are facing now. Countering this negative propaganda is vital for our very survival. And we are marching on to our battle field again now ...

Message from an ill-informed person: Science is responsible for all the ills in our world now. It is responsible for pollution - green house gases, plastic, nuclear, and what not. It is responsible for GM crops and foods. It is responsible for antibiotic resistance of microbes. For consumerism. For health issues - heart attacks, BPs, cancers  and the like. It would be better if we abandon science and go into pre-scientific era. Am I right?

Krishna: Completely wrong!

Science, the study process,  helped us in building the knowledge about our universe. This knowledge assisted  us tremendously to improve our lives. Scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions — both individually and collectively. Science  helped us in improving all the fields you can think of. There isn't a single field that science didn't touch and weaved its magic into it.

However, some people complain that science also brings with it a few bad things like commercial GM crops, nuclear bombs etc. along with the good it does to the mankind. But according to the scientific community – science is like a knife. A knife can be used to cut throats and spill blood. It can also be used for good purposes like cutting fruits and vegetables. It depends on the person who uses it. Likewise science  can also be used for the benefit of living beings as well as for their destruction. Which way it goes is in the hands of the person who uses it. The choice is definitely yours, Homo sapiens.  

Choice is yours, Art work by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa 
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Now if you misuse the benefits brought about by science and blame science for it, it is like a bad worker blaming his tools for his messed up work.

Scientists can follow all the rules of science because they have full knowledge about the subject, and can make maximum use of knowledge. They give guidelines to others too while bringing the knowledge before the world. However, most people just embrace only the tools and not rules and guidelines with the result that all the benefits go haywire. 

Scientists warn people again and again like they are doing now. Didn't they warn you about global warming, antibiotic resistance, pollution and everything you mentioned in your question?

It is some people who are ignoring scientists' sound of alarm bells. Now when the situation is going out of control, you are holding science and scientists responsible for it. What type of logic is this?

Okay go again into pre-scientific era. What would happen then? Half of the population would die of hunger (because there won't be benefits brought by agricultural revolution). Most of the rest who survive hunger would die of deadly diseases ( because there won't be drugs to cure them). Your average life span would be reduced to 30-40 years again ( because of poor nutritional statuses and diseases). Rest of the people would die of natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, earth-quakes, etc.

What would remain then?   Empty Earth! Do you want to go to the darkness again? Now say what you said again!

Humanity is surviving because of science now.  If it survives in the future, it is because of science. Get that right. And try to use science in the way it should be done to get maximum benefits and minimise problems. 

Get more knowledge and  become science literates for your own survival.

Embracing Science is the only way forward. 

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