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Bioptical Art is taught here

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Bioptical art

Bioptical Art provides techniques to achieve artistic compositions applying three areas (known):
- Binocular rivalry (right eye image, different
essential, to the left eye image, such as square and circle),
-Color fusion, Helmholtz (for example the right eye... red,
for the left eye... green or even black and white, what is perceived as silver)

Each area is described in detail in Google

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Complements to subcortical discrimination, binocular rivalry, magnetic resonance

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Complements to preliminary correction of optical systems and some observations related to acromatizations

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Fine art compositions using binocular rivalry

Started by Liviu Iliescu. Last reply by Liviu Iliescu Mar 16, 2018. 1 Reply

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A thought about miracles

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Comment by Liviu Iliescu on June 16, 2012 at 12:28pm

Dear Lucia Mesquita

I enjoy your work that you send them to me

 and your desire to achieve bioptical compositions.

And these compositions, that you send them also have binary structure, but not bioptical compositions


see Figures
















  Eg. the first figure shows the composition I want,

to transpose in bioptical composition:


Attention! all points the form to translate must be

at the same height (A1, A2, A3,…).


All points the form which translates differs in size up to 6mm horizontally (in the case this image size) H1, H2, H3 ... to bring them into space.


The image must be observed from 2 meters (in the case this image size).

Effects they will see me and some friends who see with crossed eyes

and you will see it if you train


I'll send tests in addition to training.

Best regards
















Comment by Liviu Iliescu on June 16, 2012 at 8:51am

 In connection with material interest in secondary

artistically  (manifested by artists), I still say.

Any drawing or painting, executed by the student belongs to  him and I will promote in my work saying the author.


What chance has an artist to promote?


Post;  fine art images

Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut      220,000,000      Results

                                      images;        Abaut    650,600,000       Results!!!!



and then.;  fine art visual sense images ( my field)


Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut      270,000,000      Results

                                      images;        Abaut     5,600,000       Results


My works are on top



 Bioptical Art


12. Visual-sense-storming ; The paired off visual signal ; Liviu iliescu


The work   the student will be mentioned among the first places among the millions of compositions.

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on June 2, 2012 at 5:18am

Elevated Cobras Universe (white light) my digital footage from the series "Divine Matrix"

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on June 2, 2012 at 5:08am

Dear friend Liviu , you are a scientist in various branches of optics and how I see the psychological aspect of the instrument categories authority Correspondence light into the lens of the eye in what we call color, space and time, of course, any set of shaping the experience of the outside world in the mirror of our experience. I am not involved so-called art, but overall awareness about the specified, by foreknowledge of respect and your curiosity when I graduate in creative then I have my views on everything stated. Since I was busy conservation profession and weather economic turmoil fundamentally do not get access to the Bi optical art, not only in art but in general. So do not blame me,, autumn and winter days are the annual period when I do more so-called art., Rehearsals and all kinds of wild and interests related to science events from a variety of individual areas of. Thank you very much worth your attached and affectionate, greetings sir Iliescuom !

ps. White light is a mixture of all colors of light. I miss the white light through a glass prism or optical grating, the light will be decomposed in several colors (visible light spectrum). This means that the colors do not exist, an optical illusion. Interested space light itself, as it is not a prism in the eye (-_-)

Comment by Liviu Iliescu on May 30, 2012 at 5:56pm

Dear    Milivoj Segan
I studied your discussions relative to the topic proposed to me
  You ignore (willfully?) the technique by that I get primitive perceptions.
Using Google huge file that apply, 300 criteria for each site result for your reference to axiomatic dogma, canon:
(keyword )

 fine art axiomatic dogma canon sience


About  2,430,000 results  and   images  About 4,160 results

Topics are subjects for using conventional techniques known in fine art.

 Your name does not appear

Regarding my proposed techniques

fine art visual sense science


About 277,000,000 results   


I am selected for the first 7 places of 8 places


See Bioptical Art


12. Visual-sense-storming ; The paired off visual signal ; Liviu iliescu


 Images  About 15,000,000 results ; my image (icon)  is on the 29th







Your topic does not appear


  However in my limited knowledge (I am not an expert in evaluating conventional compositions of fine art)
   Your digital compositions appear   to me

 among the most successful of the works presented by group members.




Comment by Liviu Iliescu on May 28, 2012 at 3:35pm

Extracted from


9. About a didactic experiment in bioptical art

In my books -  [1] and [2] -  I show the way  bioptical compositions are achieved in painting and sculpture. However, a great many details can be explained only by interactive communications. The same as in any other creative activity, individual sensitivities may be stimulated in time sequences with spontaneities in the region of seconds.         

         I have practised a didactic modality at the “Ion Mincu” Institute of Architecture in Bucharest. For several years on end, in the department of Visual Communications, headed by professor Sorin Vasilescu, I have familiarized students with the elements of the bioptical art, within the courses of lectures on visual communications. I have also tested the way in which students perceive the stimuli of binocular rivalry. Some of them even created bioptical sketches, as examination papers.

            I have pointed out the rivalry stimuli in the sketches of figures 9.1 and 9.2, as well as the rules observed when introducing them in a composition. Several copies of those sketches were given to my students. I also presented part of my works, also testing their bioptical perception (figure 9.5). Figure 9.3 reproduces the creation of student Virgil Apostol  (1999). In figure 9.4, I analyse the elements that should be discussed and corrected, in order to enhance the efficiency of the stimuli.  In this interactive process, the student would bring his contribution (under guidance), increasing his sensitivity, with results that surprised even the professor.



Fig. 9.3

Comment by Liviu Iliescu on May 28, 2012 at 2:24pm

Crossed-eye viewing

Dutour clearly describes binocular rivalry of two outlined colours (in 1760, 1763). Thus, Dutour describes the effects obtained by their fusion with the naked eyes, by eye convergence or divergence.

Paired-off drawings are used for research in the field of binocular rivalry, and for publications the convergent vision was chosen, with the mention: arranged for cross-eyed viewing.

This manner of observing was resumed also in the auto-stereogrammes invented by Christopher Tyler in 1990 (known as the Magic Eye)

I also used the Dutour method in my first publication:

Method for Model Making OSIM no. 67678 on 19.02.1974

I also used the method subsequently, as the sole manner of communication by publications, although it involves adaptation difficulties.






















Fig. 25 L.Iliescu; Scheme to form the habit of observation with
crossed eyes





The sketch showing the crossed-eye viewing:

With the left eye (Og) the pencil tip is projected to the circle (Cd), and with the right eye (Od) the tip is projected to the circle (Cg), so that to notice three circles, concurrently with the appearance of another image between the two initial ones, which is the fusion image.



Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 27, 2012 at 5:27pm

Part of my creative interests based on scientific understanding and use of this method is as I like to call axiomatic dogma, the law in relation to the so-called canon (-_-) I used it only in the preservation of cultural monuments, a senior conservator. situation analysis through the carrier material during the various artistic influences okoliš change the template in the formation time, historical evaluation and prevention of propadanja.neminovnost, and that is the basis of creating new art. Thus, the bioptical art in this way interesting, but not my individual areas of informational somewhat apart, thanks to you dear sir Liviu, and this valuable ART LAB. ,exchange of information from a variety of individual areas of science, the relation ~ art!

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 27, 2012 at 4:55pm

Dear Mr. Liviu Iliescu. Im'glad,thank you. The area by getting to know a bit more, of course, using the information, the Internet, and your individual areas of scientific bioptical technology, filing some papers that could be used in various branches of so-called visual art. Although for me it is not sory. Bath yes for example, art belongs to the ineteres Vedas, Indian culture, like this drawings and picture, where people with no knowledge of classical educational paradigm performed fenomanalne characters. To me it is fascinating to have a strong imagination and modern science, it is increasingly closer to the interpretation of the boundary range of knowledge about the so-called universe and man. So the experiment itself as members of Western culture, which is respected in all things., this area of real illusions, psychological impression I'm interested in creative, I'm not a scientist!

Comment by Liviu Iliescu on May 27, 2012 at 1:36pm

Dear Milivoj Šegan
Your composition that you post it in the discussion group
"Science and Art - Bioptical Art"
is interesting.
In my opinion it is part of the perimeter of the universe works abstract universe in which these compositions appear multiplied imaginative.
This composition would be opportune in this discussion when you are he added a description of the perspective of research studies


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