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  And the attention of Professor Randolph Blake and Professor Robert P. O'Shea.

These teachers have developed a prodigious scientific activity theme,  Retinal Rivalry consolidated in the nineteenth century.

Thus under the new name of  Binocular Rivalry (most appropriate) have largely conribuit that their research will lead to the definition of a new chapter Neuroimaging.


I consider it appropriate to introduce something from my attempts to deduct,

from themes binocular rivalry and color fusion    applications for Fine Art in generous hosting Art Lab Dr Krishna.


It's about what we know, the need for physical life to

intervene to balance positive affectivity through educational means.


It seems that in my studies, as well as others who have similar interests,

  artistic effects occur subtle psychological influence that humans communicate directly, science then intervening to  benefic fructify.


I quote, in this sense, the book of JP Sartre.


 Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions / Esquisse d'une théorie des émotions (1939)


I as a specialist I worked for over 50 years, applying  binocular rivalry in fine art

Thus I did managed to establish techniques for making composition using phenomena, especially those that appear in colored fusion junction.

  I present below examples.

I site:

 in the remark section (link):

12. Visual-sense-storming

I have the pleasure to communicate you some data for the types of compositions that I use,

  tests of binocular rivalry and fusion colored, with the hope that it can benefit from your expertise.


   The aim is to use these images in visual psychotherapy.

   To enter ways of using, binocular rivalry in visual therapy would be desirable

  to stimulate creation for talented artists to relize efficient compositions.

  I think the scientific indications that result from the synthesis that you (or collaborators)                                      

   can help them do substantial increase efficiency.

Maybe it would be desirable to start with a group of students.


I'm offering to give technical explanations, disinterested material. I'm old age

   but can support interactive ways to make possible the transmission of technical,

information for techniques that otherwise would be lost.


My techniques do not contain digital programs.

  I feel like playing stereoscopic space elements is necessary

  to be done manually, according to the rules and not using digital programs that

  often produce alienation of artistic emotion.


I think of the artistic activities with the direct participation of the artist, second by second,

so always carrying his creation to be confirmed by his own artistic sensibility.


  I think that freedom of action (free will elementary) must be permanently surveillance for

  own artistic sensibility.


To check my proposals by specialists have applied for a patent for invention which I aordat.

   We concluded that these types of images can work in some psychiatric

similar surgical interventions.


  See an excerpt from my publication:

The communication type Sci-Art-Lit; proposals for visual psychotherapy


The extract:

For the approval by experts my proposals I have resorted to getting a


  Thus we obtained the patent (link):

(11) RO 123477 B1 - OSIM  ;




7 figures, total 15 pages

published on 30.03.2007, declare that can be used free of charge.


In these offices propose to use and images

developed causing me Dioptical-bioptical Perceptions.


Draw attention to a type of image resulted from my research

an image type which I claim:




  The settlement on the vertical the components can be observed with

mirror device.

See link:

Stereoscope for dioptical-bioptical perception


On cross-eyed observation is obtained from the square image

a color fusion  stable  for distant tones (red, blue)


The colors red, blue, not used here playing space

but getting color fusion


     Year of Publication 1987 



Liviu Iiescu; Bioptical painting, "Science and Technology"

(Bucharest), no 8-9, 1987.


Precise in:

Liviu Iliescu Bioptical Art - training of bioptical vision, Crater, Bucharest, 1998

       148 pages. ISBN 973-9029-37-X.

See link:

Introduction to bioptical terminology


Extract link:


PSYCHOPHYSICAL MIXTURE OF COLOURS Psychic response to the projection of different colours on the two retinas, known as "colour fusion". The response is fluctuating since one perceives now a colour, now another one. However, if lines or spots of the same colour are placed on differently coloured backgrounds, the psychic response is largely constant: a different colour with hazy nacreous hues seems to stand apart from the background. A cloisonné-like contour is the result of my bioptical experiments.




 Another example: Liviu Iliescu- study G 


Liviu Iliescu, sketch, test the cross-eyed look.

Sketch   were you can see glimpses that certifies on the one hand limits the phenomenon

 Color Fusion, and on the other side and limits the phenomenon of Binocular Rivalry



 See links:

2. Binocular rivalry and stereoscopy in bioptical art

Science and Art - Bioptical Art


Sketches, drawings, figures and portraits



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