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Conceptual Art, assumptions and the dominant sensation


 Am I the opinion of those who wrote that

every artist or lover of fine art feel maximum aesthetic pleasure, in generally,

from his own compositions the intellectual level of each ever made.


As I wrote during the creation of art lovers living moments of spiritual purity.


There are times when abandoned theories of art, when not taken into account

about mannerism and eclecticism and each creates fascinated by its artistic potential.

Certainly there and desire to communicate emotional states that they have lived it.


Success communication action is dependent on many factors.


I am sitting in class art lovers experiencing in the improve visual communication,

applying my knowledge in the field of optics.


But even in my case the success is limited by subjective factors



I think the compositions for both eyes (Dioptical-bioptical art)

can lead to substantial improvements in visual communication

   Such compositions are part of the class which produces

  disinterested aesthetic pleasure without practical utility or

  produce disinterested aesthetic pleasure but also useful.


  I propose a set of techniques (most are published in ART LAB)

  which of course are not exhaustive

  I hope that people trained and talented to develop this area.


One of the advantages of the techniques that we propose consists of

application in art criticism of the modality "variations on a theme"

  used in music.


See link:

About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics 




We know about "variations on a theme" in music. Variations are introduced in a certain theme in point of melody (to a certain extent), rhythm, relative values of the notes, harmony. Some composers are known to revive the works of other musicians, as a homage. It is also known that composers use to introduce cadences of their own in the concertos created by others.



Similarly propose to apply the fine art interpretations for abstract compositions,

 using techniques for both eyes (Dioptical-bioptical art)


  So besides art criticism expressed by words, it intoduce and interpretations

through artistic means.


Fine art belongs dominant affectivity, containing famous masterpieces

  developed in terms of diversified and controversial art critics.


 So without the unanimous recognition of their value.


Many of the currents and artistic movements considered, individually,

 to their artistic expression as it is effective   in visual communication,

 being exlusive regarding associative tendencies.


It cites the case of Piet Mondrian who broke friendship with T. v. Doesburg,

when the latter gave up its use in compositions

  only   right angle  way on which they agreed.


  Piet Mondrian ; retrospective 2011 Paris


See link:



    Iliescu Liviu; Experimentele bioptice si unele reflectii de antropologie 

                             Bioptical experiments and some anthropological reflections 


În aceastã bogatã si seducãtoare zonã a incertitudinii, din care se pot sedimenta fixatii utile, unde domneste democratia fanteziei si nu dictatura postulatelor, îmi apare de neînteles pozitia de partizanat înversunat. Pentru a ilustra, dau ca exemplu confruntarea dintre pictorii Piet Mondrian si Theo van Doesburg. Un timp (aproximativ în anii 1915-1923) acestia au fost de acord cã numai liniile drepte, dispuse în unghiuri drepte, considerându-le ca elemente de largã generalitate, trebuie sã fie folosite în compozitiile plastice. Dupã anul 1923, T. v. Doesburg a abandonat acest criteriu si a început sã foloseascã, în exprimarea artisticã, diagonalele, unghiul ascutit si planele înclinate. Comportarea "dizidentã" a acestuia l-a supãrat pe Mondrian, fapt ce a condus la ruperea prieteniei, instalându-se între ei o adversitate ireconciliabilã. În situatii ca acestea, când pãrerile despre fenomene, actiuni si evenimente nu pot fi evaluate cu "certitudine" ca adevãrate sau neadevãrate, considerentele ar trebui avute în vedere în ansamblul lor si diferentiate, în timp, cu prudentã .



I wrote in Romanian since neologisms, roots

the words that come even without understanding the text, to the reader

causes according to his native language, sensations hermetic, more and less, similar

to those texts Dada.


Again though the first phrase in English:

In this rich and seductive area of uncertainty, which can settle

  useful fixations where reigns the fantasy democracy and not dictatorship postulates,

   appears incomprehensible position bitter partisanship.


While the rigor of science requires unanimous recognition.


I believe that this situation can be highlighted if I introduce Conceptual art

 as opposed to the Formalism (see definitions in Wkipedia)


Thus are my closest criteria presented, the Conceptual art movement

  which in essence can be expressed in a few sentences that we extracted from Wikipedia:


This method was fundamental to American artist Sol LeWitt's definition of

Conceptual art, one of the first to appear in print:

In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.[2]


So I support the idea that the compositions of fine art must be brought

  stimuli to emphasize the dominant sensation from perception


  See blog:

Compositions of fine art in which it would be possible to observe t...



I present below a study in which I tried to introduce stimuli

for the dominant sensation.



 Liviu Iliescu; Study NN ;Snowstorm: Oil on cardboard ; 47x32 cm; 2000


In the case study NN work plan is subject the increase dominance

sensation in communication, using images of the storm unleashed.

So I used the elements of composition young trees, that it folds model wind,

vector snowflakes that aggressive, people who represent me in this fight.


I still consider so important that in addition to idea (the plan, the intention) is the result

of action, namely the composition of that subject to criticism.


NN composition is not fully respecting the criteria of conceptual art. According

orthodox modality would have to meet and photograph the place chosen by me to imagine

haunted by blizzard (see   Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair ).


   I have not found this place to agree to my target.

I preferred him, imagine



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