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The Sun Fountain.
I am pleased to impart to you some information on my activity in the field of fine arts, activity which resulted from my profession of specialist in optical  systems. 
 My works may lead to architectonic constructions where  optics holds an important role, especially by inducing restful sensations  due to images and sounds captured from the outer universe  (sun, moon, stars, sounds of the wind). To all these I may add new modalities in painting and sculpture, described under the title “Bioptical Art” (see 

                                                                                                                                       Liviu Iliescu



  The Sun Fountain. O1; O2; plane mirrors – O3 concave

spherical mirror – S image of the sun – L space
crossed by the sun rays – V visitors. O1 is oriented
by a mechanism ruled by a computer. The image of the
sun shows acceptable aberrations. The extra-axial
image depends on the value of the angle between O2-O3
and O3-L. The value of the  curvature radius of mirror
O3 is O3-V. The observation area of V depends on the
diameters of the mirrors.    

In L. viewers will see in small water droplets
chromatic decomposition, such as rainbow
(a phenomenon known in physics)


 O1 mirror is automatically oriented (equatorial mechanism) so 

that  the Sun is proected  continnu at the movement to appear in the sky by an angle 140 deg

The positions, the adjustments are performed in polar coordinates


Equatorial mechanism



  Controlled positions of the  mirror O1




























13. Visual binarity



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