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Bioptical Art ; visual sense and images

Bioptical Art ;  visual sense and images


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15. Psychical satiety in affectivity


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Bioptical Art : Psychical satiety in affectivity


 I defined vector as an attribute of life.

utility- need- satiety


 As an application (evidence) in the arts, I translate it by the names parallel

novelty- relaxation- mannerism


I live a long time crisis, the impossibility to communicate accumulation relative to extensions of my theoretical "visual sense" with applications in fine art images


I will try to some  considerations, explain this crisis.


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 There was no experts in Bioptical Art, so there are no reports. 

 The experts certainly have not in their program to discover new techniques, learning elementary concepts (A, B, C, ...) as in Bioptical Art.



Artists are preoccupied with their own style and   use the traditional techniques.


However, in the crowd these artists appear those who create

  masterpieces in fine art.



I believe that to continue experiments in Bioptical Art, should be involved students from schools of fine art. They have the training to learn the techniques of fine art.




I give some data about   the possibility that Bioptical Art   provide new means of visual communication.


I will use Google program that acts as a huge file bibliographic an enormous library, which selects areas applying each title over 300 criteria. Google offers humankind a scientific way of information for assessing the current development of culture, helping to develop new areas.


Areas  ( keywords)  fine art visual sense  images

 Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut      270,000,000      Results

                                      images;        Abaut     5,600,000       Results





Bioptical Art


12. Visual-sense-storming ; The paired off visual signal ; Liviu iliescu


 Bioptical Art (Liviu Iliescu ) selected for Google in the top from the 270,000,000,/5,600,000  results

Described area (unitary) of a single author


Areas  ( keywords);  postmodernism art images

 Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut     6,700,000     Results

                                      images;        Abaut      4,100,000     Results


Area which was attended many authors.


Areas  ( keywords)  ; fine digital art images

 Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut   53,200,000    Results

                                      images;        Abaut  136,000,000   Results


Area which was attended many authors.


Areas  ( keywords)  impressionism images

 Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut  5,680,000 Results

                                      images;        Abaut   5,550,000  Results



Area which was attended many authors.


Areas  ( keywords)  minimal art images

 Google  Advanced search ;       Abaut  9,780,000     Results

                                      images;        Abaut   55,000,000  Results



Area which was attended many authors.


Google search program  orders, publications, according the criteria, but not make qualitative comparisons between artistic currents. Each artistic movement has its masterpieces, as well, and compositions which tend to mannerisms


Field “ fine art visual sense images”  in which Bioptical Art  (Liviu Iliescu) is placed on top of 270,000,000 results (the largest) contains basic development in fine art as aspects: history,artistic movements, current developments,  perspective.

This statement takes into account essential relationship between  visual sense, and fine art images



Bioptical Art compositions under experimental  appear that either the conventional composition.



L. Iliescu – Study G –oil on canvas -74x100 cm

Desert phantom

Colour fusion, Stereoscopy




 L.Iliescu – Study D- oil on cardboard 90x65 cm

Who wants to contemplate and bioptical the effects (including perceptions primitive) bioptical can use the optical device, which provides in addition, reversal of space and color diversification

A bioptical device at the right eye



 B bioptical device at the left eye




Drawings for execution bioptical device.


My program provides experiments, now in phase where I find

 to transmit artists bioptical techniques to correct what is confused descriptions.


I invite the students and artists of fine art (images) to participate at field experiment Bioptical Art


See (link)

14. Some additions and resumptions on the bioptical


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