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Why do we want something more or deeper than what everyday life offers?

Spiritual Journey Begins !!

And why ?


The humanity has developed over many lifetimes with desires for food, family, sex and shelter

and then they started to develope through wealth, power, honor and knowledge

Only after these stages Humanity desires to know the real source, one’s essence which is the meaning of


“Where do I come from?” “Who am I?” “What am I?”"What am I doing?" " What is my mission?"

Human beings are naturally egoistic.

All of our desires are self-motivated and these desires pressure us and control our every move.

The source of desires is suffering.

Passing from one type of desire to another cause sufferings.

A new desire let us feel that something was/is missing.

In other words, Humanity is always running after new pleasures which is known as sufferings later

Humanity live and die trying to satisfy their countless desires.

Only those who have lived many lives before have the desire to attain the source, the meaning of the lives.

Once this ultimate desire appears, everything else becomes unnecessary and worth and senseless

The desire for the higher force emerges.

I am theonesoul

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Comment by simple on October 13, 2009 at 2:47am
Tell more what you are thinking :)




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