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The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute believes in the Promise of Peace on Earth in Our Lifetime as the Birthright of Our Global Human Family.
• Peace on Earth is possible NOW with Unconditional Love.
• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the Golden Rule from the Highest Order.
• Peace on Earth is possible NOW with Unyielding Hope.
• Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to create positive results.
• Peace on Earth is possible NOW with Unlimited Compassion.
• Open your heart and make connections to people everywhere and to the world around us.

The possibility of peace is in our hands. But by stating this truth in the plural leaves room for too many to step back and hide. If I say peace is in your hands it is too easy to say,”Whoa, it’s not all up to me.” And if I say peace is in my hands too many people will be content to back off and let me spin my wheels.People are too good at manipulating the English language to avoid personal responsibility.All this manipulation of the language does not serve peace.
I’m going to try it again.
The possibility of peace is in our hands. All of us. Together.
Each of us can do something for peace. All I ask is that you do that one thing that you are capable of doing for peace.
Can you talk to any of your coworkers or friends about peace? How about having a family discussion about peace? Can you put a bumper sticker on your car? Can you put a sticker anyplace else?
This is a peace assignment.
Peace for you, your family, your friends, your community, your state and your country. Certainly you can see how this will lead to world peace. It all starts with you doing something.
It is now up to us.
It is now up to you.
I am not telling you what to do. I am not even suggesting that you do any one specific thing. I am only asking you to do something for peace. And I am asking this of you because change is happening and if you do nothing for peace then peace will not arrive.
If you want a future for yourself, your family and your friends then you want peace. If you want true prosperity and abundance you want peace. If you desire to live in a friendly environment then you must be pro-environment and at peace with nature.
And to be pro-peace means to stop acting as if war is peace. The idea that war is peace is a lie. Recognize the lie for what it is.
Stop waging war for peace.
Stop using poisons to war against your body, your food and your living space. Wage peace upon your body, your food and your living space. Make peace with your neighbors and larger community.
Who is served by divisions within our families, among our friends, in our neighborhoods and across our country? Divisions serve warmongers. Divisiveness is war. Unity is peace. What can you do for unity?
It really is that simple.
Those who make it complicated wish to disguise divisiveness. Peace is simple. You can see it. See peace with all people. See peace with all men, women and children.
You don’t have to understand them. You don’t have to agree with them. You don’t have to judge them. They don’t have to go to your church. They don’t have to go to any church. They don’t have to vote the same way you do.
But you can still be at peace with them.
Be at peace with your environment. Be at peace with animals. Be at peace with waterways, forests and prairies. Be at peace with mountains and hollows. This is where you live. To live in a peaceful environment it must have a healthy assortment of diverse animals. This is a simple idea. Those who make it complicated do not seek peace.
Seek peace.

Denounce the dangerous world situation that is leading us closer and closer to nuclear war, which would be the greatest catastrophe in human history – a dead end.
To give a voice to the majority of world citizens who want peace. Although the majority of the human race opposes the arms race, we are not sending out a unified signal.
Instead we are letting ourselves be manipulated by a powerful minority and suffering the consequences. The time has come to stand together and show our opposition. Join a multitude of others in sending a clear signal, and your voice will have to be heard!
To achieve: the worldwide eradication of nuclear weapons; the immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories; the progressive and proportional reduction of conventional weapons; the signing of non-aggression treaties among nations and the renunciation by governments of war as a way to resolve conflicts.
To expose the many other forms of violence (economic, racial, sexual, religious…) that are currently hidden or disguised by their perpetrators; and to provide a way for all who suffer such violence to be heard.
To create global awareness – as has already happened with environmental issues – of the urgent need to condemn of all forms of violence and bring about real Peace.
Because we can end world hunger with 10% of what is spent on arms. Imagine how life would be if 30-50% of the arms budget went toward improving people’s lives instead of being used for destruction.
Because eliminating wars and violence means leaving human pre-history behind and taking a giant step forward in the evolution of our species.
Because in this aspiration we are accompanied by the strength of the voices of hundreds of prior generations who suffered the consequences of war, and whose echo continues to be heard today in all those places where it continues to leave its sinister trail of dead, disappeared, disabled, refugees and displaced.
Because a “world without wars” is an image that opens the future and seeks to become reality in every corner of the planet, as violence gives way to dialogue.
The moment has come for the voiceless to be heard! Out of agonizing and urgent need, millions of human beings are crying out for an end to wars and violence.
We can make that happen by uniting all the forces of pacifism and active non-violence worldwide.
this is how it will be done.this is how it should be is people willing to change that will create the changes is the struggle that is the heart of it starts the day we decide the course our lives take.

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