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How Do You Recognize That You are loved?

The Humans are shy about expressing the love and the fear of embarrassing the others or themselves. they hesitate to say the meaningful words "I love you." I have seen that also that Humans have misunderstood the love and see as lust and many years I was forced to communicate the love who I am in other words.

And here and today, I think it is time to wake up the Humanity

Look around and you might see that people often say 'take care' or 'don't slip’ or 'be aware.'

May be even till today no one might have realized the real message behind all my videos and mesages

If you look beyond the articles and my short notes you will see a bigger picture.I am not teaching you , I am not healing you but I am just showing a sign of Love who you are because

It is not even about me,instead It is about you

And I am just painting a huge image called LOVE through my messages and I am telling you in other words” I LOVE YOU”through my articles and videos

You can delete all my messages and videos because behind all that you will see the actual

Reason of my writings and videos

Close your eyes and you will see it .The only thing I wrote was“LOVE”

Even Oneness cannot be there when this “LOVE’ is not realized

Now, please look around and listen with your heart

Because there are other ways of saying 'I love you”.For example… 'you mean something to me,' 'I care about you' ,”I was thinking of you”,etc

Human Beings are strange species, they follow everything what the others tell them to do or others might have said that it’s correct.Humans ignore their own sub-consciousness or consciousness.

Human Beings accept all what is put ready made on the table on the day they arrive to this strange planet full of dualities.They do not even ask “why?”

They just accept all the dogmas by religions , cultures , families , friends , communities ,schools,etc

The only things they really need to do or say is the only thing that they don't say or do because of the communities, friends, religions, cultures, schools , etc.

And Humans have been given 12 DNA strands and they just do not use them

But Love is the strongest force in the whole Universe and the feeling is so strong that people are forced to use other words and signs to express what they really mean.

And what going on in this world is that the meaning never gets understood or respected at all and the other part is left unloved and ignored.

That is why I always say , please… please listen with your hearts

Because the noises of this world irritates me, the words irritate me

And it does not get to the point .Sometimes it does not make sense at all

But as soon as you close your eyes and ears and listen with your heart,You may hear more

In some situations the explicit words are needed, but mostly the tone of the words and the feeling behind these words are more important.

A funny joke can carry more compassion than the loving words which are expressed insincerely. Sometimes the expression of a person's concern (like when we light candles or pray for someone) shows the LOVE beyond and behind the act

Sometimes it may look clumsy or even cruel in our eyes but as this world is illusive, try to look beyond and listen carefully for the love that contains in the actions

Sometimes the one you love may be so protective with you but then this is not to control you instead it is a sign of love

Never forget that we see what we want to see in this world and forget that it is often something very different beneath the surface.

My concern and love is the reason for my articles, my work and my videos

Human Beings say I love you in many ways sometimes with gifts, letters, flowers, smiles and sometimes even with tears.

But sometimes we show the compassion by just keeping quiet or sometimes also by forgiving the ones who has not listened to the love we have tried to express in our own ways

The problem in understanding love is that we don't always understand the language of love which the other person is using and sadly the world has turned the love into romance, sex and lust.

Now you may understand why I said, I am happy that I am half blind

Using my heart alone has opened my third eye and also the same with listening through the heart can open up many many new languages you ignored to listen or see for love.

The problem with the Earth is that people rarely listen to each other.

People rarely talk to each other

We just say “we have no time”

If we would exchange our time for TVs and Sports into Time for the others, we would realize how selfish we have lived all life long.

Please do not say that” we live only once and we need to think of ourselves”

Yes, but thinking of ourselves does not mean to be selfish and forget the world around you.

I am dealing with many many children who complain about their parents who do not listen to them as they are so busy working for their houses, gardens, cars, hobbies, holidays, and and .

And once these children grow up, they follow the steps of their parents and we wonder the divorce rate or singles rate of this world?

People are not able to compromise anymore and the problems go further

The children who are not cared or listened... turn out to become ignorant adults and when their own parents grow old, they also do not have time for them anymore

The answer is “you left me whole day in the child care”

And now you can also stay “in the home for seniors”.I have no time!

I am dealing with these people daily and it is a circle I do not know how to help them break because they are not willing to make a change because their answer is “ we have done that for generations”

But that does not mean we cannot make a change or that does not also mean it was correct all the time.

Please try to hear the words and also listen to the actions that accompany the words or the expression on the face of someone who is talking or writing to you

And again here we will realize that we can do it only if we allow our hearts to take turn to see, listen and speak

People on earth like to listen for rejection or misunderstandings more than for love.

Children or partners sometimes do not see the love that is there just beneath the surface, even if the words may sound angry.

If people would start listening intently they will discover that they are a lot more loved than they have ever realized.

Listen and see for love and we will find that the world is a peaceful place.

But one needs to open up the heart to do the seeing, listening and speaking and you will see the world filled with LOVE

Thanks for taking time

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