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One of my artist friends creates lots of art works. At least ten to fifteen in a month. Most of the works are landscapes and nature-related. It is as if some machine is working in her studio producing innumerable works in no time. And sells them cheap, attracting people and making lots of money in the process. She copies from photographs, pictures in news papers and magazines. She need not put much of an effort mentally. I am sure she can paint thousands of these things in her life time.

In the beginning I used to wonder how people can do that. I tried her technique myself painting landscapes and realized how easily it could be done. Yes, I could  beat her out and paint at least one in a single day! If only I were a landscape painter! I could produce tons and tons of art works and become prolific, rich and famous in no time!

But that kind of work doesn't appeal to me.

My main aim is communicating science to a lay man at the same time do justice to all the fields I work in.

Try connecting science to art  with a high quality clarity of the theme . You will soon realize how difficult it is! It is not easy!

Yes, I agree, if you are trying to show only the aesthetics of science, it is easy concentrating on all the aspects of art without worrying much  about the science part of it.  But communication is a different ball game all together. That is why, I think you don't get many art works based on science communication done by artists and scientists.

And try connecting all these three subjects: Science, Art and Literature. Your mind will blow off! That is what I am trying to do and why my mind is going haywire these days. And I didn't come across people doing this as it is extremely difficult. I have seen some  people trying to connect science to art (mostly with aesthetics as the purpose, not communication ), some art to literature, some science to literature but never saw anybody trying to connect all the three like me  ( maybe I am the only crazy person around to do this trying to  damage her gray matter). I haven't seen anyone else trying to do a three subject work on a single theme of science till now.

And try to connect science to theology and philosophy too apart from art and literature. Need I tell you what happens? You will die a hundred deaths! Because science is mainly based on facts and other subjects on fiction, beliefs, personal views, metaphors and intuitions that science finds difficult to accept.

The difficulty limits the number of works I can create. I cannot be prolific. But still I could manage about 130 sci-art works till now, aesthetic ones included, in eight years. And just a few sci-art-litt ones. People will have to see the quality and not the quantity of work when they judge my work .

Sci based art is no ordinary art, leave alone paintings. It is a highly specialized field and need rare talents to practice. 

As my works are rare, they are very expensive too. No complaints please.

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